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Comment by The guy on Scenes from a Quiz Night

:: 12 words

the guy who answered for our team kept beating himself up

Comment by Another Citi customer on Dear Citibank, About Your New Website

:: 69 words

It seems that they don’t want you to use apostrophes and double quotes. I tried sending them messages too and I experienced the same frustrating error message which would require you to login and enter OTP twice. I guess this may be related to The developers may have opted to disallow customers from using those characters, but yes, that is lame and there are other solutions to this.

:: 29 words

Aya, you made me smile while reading this… it’s a good feeling remembering good old happy days. πŸ™‚ Ice store Mejia… across was construction supply store hehe… . πŸ™‚

Comment by your most loving brother on CJ Corona Impeached

:: 10 words

I also hate that “Tu Quoque” argument. Walang sense eh.

:: 11 words

Good post, Roy. Mostly agree, especially about the midnight appointment thingie.

:: 32 words

Hi Radek, unfortunately I’m unable to find the original source code for this; I had previously been running a Django-backed blog but have since migrated it and the posts over to WordPress

:: 17 words

Hi,Nice do you have working example or download that I can try and look how it works?

:: 23 words

Hi, I’m no longer maintaining this plugin and am now using the WordPress MTG Helper plugin, you can find it here: πŸ˜€

Comment by Mario B on MTG Autocard WordPress Plugin

:: 29 words

Hey there im trying to find this exact plugin to use in my wordpress blog and ur link seems to be dead, do u still have this for download?

:: 71 words

I don’t actually mind Magneto in the yellow and blue. I guess in my head he wasn’t really that guy yet. I agree that the wisecracking Hal Jordan wasn’t particularly keeping true to the character, but at least they kept it to a minimum and most of the jokes are left in Hal’s apartment. I agree that Reynolds is a terrible choice though, as it’s hard to take him seriously :p

:: 183 words

The only problem I have with X-Men First Class is that SOME IDIOT thought Magneto looked good in yellow.When I watch comic movies, the first thing I tell myself is that it’s a different universe, meaning events that happen won’t necessarily mirror the comic origins. All I really care about is that the characters remain true to their core essence (for example, Magneto NOT looking good in yellow). On the topic of GL, that’s precisely my issue with it.

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Comment by Switch on Singapore

:: 42 words

Fairly comprehensive! We’re glad you enjoyed the trip, and that you could come over.Not much to vouch for going here for, so I guess the next bet is the next GP here. Unless you want to watch the F1 GP, that is.

:: 94 words

Re: extra discussion, the prereleases here are usually pretty friendly affairs, friendly enough to get my girlfriend to play. The prize scheme is a little different, with 1 pack for less than a win and a draw, 2 packs for 4-8 points, 4 packs for 9-10 points and 6 for 11-12 points (if i remember correctly). I think in general you should loosen up at these things, but geography and relative costs are a factor here, as well, since there’s probably ten venues with events, usually both days, and a large event at Suntec.

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Comment by rumz on Maybe I'm just heartless

:: 22 words

no, i agree with you. once dead, there isnt anything we can do for them. we gotta look to the future now

Comment by Jaime on A Christmas Story

:: 174 words

I think the key here is to differentiate what is help, and what would be aggravating the situation.In your mind, nothing violent happened, and you cannot “fix” the situation without knowing what the problem was, so what was there for you to do? Interview the guy (since the woman was not in any state to be interviewed) and get an informative answer?Calling the DSWD hotline might have been the “best” thing to do at the time, but that’s just effort transfer, and you’re not even sure who’s right.

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Comment by roy on Randomly Amazed

:: 35 words

@Kerwin: Actually with the trends in mobile internet usage, it’s more likely that the opposite will be true – the online world will be leaving people’s houses and interacting with us in the outside world!

Comment by Kerwin on Randomly Amazed

:: 24 words

i’m telling you, the time will come when no one will be going out of their houses at all, they’ll all be interacting online.

:: 73 words

Aba aba sir roy, bumili ka na din! Haha. Personally, gusto ko hintayin ang version na may facetime (sans any external hardware).Regarding the slow (and misleading) USB charging, I think that happens when you try to charge with a mobile device (e.g. a laptop). By standard, USB connectors on desktops provide a more “stable” power output as compared to mobile devices due to their (more often) lack of a “fixed” power source.

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