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e kung yung pera na kinurakot nila (by non building all those escalators from the ground up) yung ipambili ng metal detector. ha? next thing you know bawal na ang pda (kasi pwede itong mp3 player/taguan ng bomba).eclair, pisay ka?

no, I wouldn’t want them to start looking for flash drives. I carry one around in my wallet :pparang pag naglagay sila ng metal detectors tataas lang ang fare hehe

they’re looking for unlabelled CDs? di pa umaabot sa kanila ang flash drives? ahehehe. or bombs dressed up like flash drives? there’s an idea for you, roy.they should install metal detectors instead. those things at the airport will do for serious bad element detection.

You know Beautiful Rookery?She is a friend of one of my friends:)Anyhow, it’s really easy to sneak optical media into the train stations. You could hide them in so many different ways…

Comment by btflpenguin on Requiem

it’s when people pass on that you realize how sayang the opportunity was to really get to know them. when Sir Alix was my teacher, (or any math teacher, kasi nga i didn’t and still don’t like math) all i remember was looking at my watch waiting for free cut to occur. Pero si sir nagbibigay ng leakage, sorta like near the exams biglang buhos ng math (that i still did not get, btw) tapos lalabas pala yon sa exam.

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Comment by Anonymous on Requiem

Hey, Peng, (or is it still Sushie?). It’s me, “Entertainment Capital”. Since my account’s on LJ, Roy and I anonymously comment in each other’s blogs.In the year that Sir Alix was my boss, he was, as far as I could tell, completely sober all of the time I was around. He convinced me that Pisay should destructure the calculus curriculum and to trickle it down the lower years, as he was teaching it partly in third year, though not as extreme as my urging to find a way to lower the function analysis parts of it (pertinent for lab reports) somehow to second (or first!

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Comment by Anonymous on A New Dawn May Rise

Sounds like I’m posting here. Optimistic, though, doesn’t sound much like me, but I’m hoping that’s good news.

Comment by Roy on Requiem

I guess he did drink often since it was cirrhosis, but at least it never showed during his classes, I believe. Lots of people drink — I guess it doesn’t really change my opinion of the man.

Comment by btflpenguin on Requiem

Sir Alix wasn’t particularly one of my favorite math teachers, but then again i wasn’t as able in math as you were (think borderline bubing). My first comment when I heard about his passing was “manginginom pala si sir”. It turns out he took the chosen few out for drinks sometimes. And this was true for the many batches of Pisay people he taught. It must be something to leave such a legacy — not the drinking of course, but all that algebra/pre-calculus.

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Comment by Roy on Who Am I?

Bland? How dare you! I’ll smite you! j/k I know it’s a bit… um, sleepy. I’m just trying things out, ya know? πŸ˜€

Comment by Anonymous on Who Am I?

Haven’t seen this in a while. The new look seems a little bland, but it works.

Comment by Roy on Liberated Games

I’m not really one for such game editors. I’d prefer coding my own, if I had the time/knowledge/patience. πŸ˜›

Comment by Anonymous on Liberated Games By the way.

Comment by Roy on Taxi Tales

I wanted to smite you for posting anonymously, especially since I know who you are. But I just realized blogger comments don’t allow people to leave a name or email address. It’s a bit primitive. I’d get another commenting system, but I’m too lazy, and if I find some time I’ll probably code one myself. πŸ˜€

Comment by Anonymous on Taxi Tales

Cabbie stories are the second reason for me to ride shotgun. First is so I can practice some self-defense if need be, and third is so I can figure out exactly where the wrong turn was made.

Comment by Anonymous on Liberated Games

Haha! I finished The Ur-Quan Masters v.0.3 (I think) a while back. It’s a huge download, but worthwhile for the voice. I think Ritchie still has my copy…

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