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i’ve thought of some medyo-earthshaking things our batchmates have done: work for the human genome project, win a palanca award for poetry, participate in bb pilipinas beauty pageant, hmmm wala bang politiko na?

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ay ang galing! have always wondered how to do that.and you tried it out on your next post.salamat.

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They also had another article about what I implemented dun sa test page:

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No, I’m actually referring to something different. See [this][1] for an example of what I did earlier.But I know how to do it using javascript, I’m not sure if it can be done easily using blogger templates though. Isipin ko muna yun.Pero blogger had an article before about something similar, you might want to look at it:[1]:

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ito ba yung may link na “more” sa bottom ng post and you click on it to see the entire post? when you figure it out, pakopya code ha πŸ™‚

Comment by Roy on Schrodinger's Gate

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You should hear the conversations we have at home – we often have discussions on economics theory, especially since Vlad was Alvin’s econ teacher this year. πŸ˜€

Comment by Roy on Broadband!

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um… no πŸ˜€

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awww. this entry screams geek. and it runs in the family pa πŸ™‚(geek is meant as a compliment, sometimes geek means cool)

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Darn it… I haven’t solved it yet. Must give it time. I think that I might be thinking too hard. Then again, I am not so good at puzzles. It takes me a while to figure them out.A fine example is the puzzle boxes, aka himitsu bako, that Sacha Chua brought to the talk the other day. It took me a while to figure out this certain box. Gyaaah! At least the other one I stumbled upon the solution *laugh*

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Well, true… *sigh* Working is something that eats up a lot of people’s times and energies.

Comment by Roy on Books: More Bob Ong

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Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve been to UP since I started working.Work has this bad habit of eating up free time. If it didn’t pay so well, I wouldn’t work at all!

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Good question!Hmmm. Do you still hang out at UP? I go there sometimes to see Mario and incidentally Dave too.

Comment by Roy on Books: More Bob Ong

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Sure, I don’t mind, but how would I get them to you? They’re reallycheap though. I bought all three as impulse buys.

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I should grab a copy of some of his books. I have always wanted to read some of them. Oh well.Would you lend them to me?! πŸ˜‰

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