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I love Stainless Longganisa! I got inspired to write about my dream to get published. Hahaha. still have to return Switch’s The Fifth Elephant (T Pratchett). It’s good! πŸ˜€

I am more of a GNOME person πŸ˜›Yeah, you need some plugins.XMMS is the closest thing you could get to Winamp, btw. You could even use the old skins of WinAmp (Classic skins is the name… If they have .wsz at the name, rename it to .zip and it would work πŸ˜‰ Real neat huh?)Beep and XMMS have no problems playing mp3s out of the box.I don’t really use the GUIfied stuff to play media.

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I skimmed over the link, and my first thought was: those guys need more micro!I think the same applies to the Wowowee people.

Comment by dave on Deadly Noontime Shows

Ei Roy,This actually made me think of one of those Discovery programs I saw a while back, about how the Battle Of Agincourt during the Hundred Years war may actually have been the French being defeated by themselves and the terrain rather than any special prowess of the English (although it probably helped to have arrows raining down on them, even if the arrows couldn’t penetrate their armor). a crowd gets to a certain size, nothing is as dangerous as their interaction with barriers around them.

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As an additional note, it’s not even limited to work-related stuff. I think this way even for stuff *outside* of work.At any one time I have several personal projects I want to push through with, a lot of stuff I want to try, stuff I want to read, etc.Now that I think about, the way I handle the work stuff is a lot better than how I handle the non-work stuff.

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Eh, I’m fine.I wrote this towards the end of a particularly heavy week. While what I do everyday closely approximates what I wrote here, it seldom reaches the stress levels that the essay could imply.In the case of promotions, your concern is unneeded, as there’s really no such thing as a *promotion* in our company which has a flat hierarchy thingy. Besides, one of my roles in the current project is Technical Lead, which means that it actually *is* my job to handle technical questions within the project.

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Ei Roy,While it’s kewl that you can handle the stress of fielding all those “help me” calls, that’s not a healthy company practice… Well, it’s certainly got good and bad going for it. It’s good because everyone realizes how utterly indispensable you are, so you’ll never be fired. Other stuff too.I think tho’ that there’s more bad than good in it… There’s the stress, which is one thing. And there’s also the probability that this role you have assumed will make the bosses pass you over for promotions because you’ll be considered too valuable where you are for doing stuff that’s not formally yours to do (unless it’s really part of your job description to be techno fire fighter).

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You misunderstand, I only had one wisdom tooth taken out; the rest were just there and ripe for the picking :pAnd yeah, no word verification. I don’t think I get enough hits for me to be comment-spam worthy :p

Ouch. Usually the wisdom teeth are taken out _one_ at a time.It’s a good thing you had the weird-angle one removed, though. Over time it would probably have caused fractures in the rest of your teeth.P.S.: No word verification option for comments? πŸ™‚

Comment by Anonymous on 06 Jan 2002

roy can i know were 2 find the ece reviewer that you have tnx url?.. or email it to me at tnx!!

trust me … you’ll regret NOT reading those books. Can you post your FE number or your full name so I can verify if you passed? *countdown to Oct. 30*

i know what you mean. i sometimes spend the whole saturdays playing, only stopping to nibble when i get faint of hunger. it’s addicting to control your destiny. i think that’s why i keep playing. you get more control over your life online as a character (and if you should f–k up, it only takes a few secs to respawn).

Nah, I’m good πŸ˜€I think the 3-4 hours per day may be underestimated though. Sometimes it’s closer to 9-10. :p

my MMORPG addiction is Guild Wars. graduated to that from ROSE Online. The game is similar to Ragnarok but the graphics are way more sophisticated. you may want to try it (that is if you want to spend more than your WoW 3-4 hours playing).

Comment by switch on Pop Ratio

There used to be a site (i forget now) where Popgun used to have some track on. I have them, if you want.BTW, Popgun has already disbanded, apparently. Rocky has a band called The Haneps, and Nico and Monsi are with Ryan in Tsubibo.

Comment by eClair on Hipster PDA?

But Hipster PDAs are so easy to use and carry around! πŸ˜€

Comment by Roy on Yahoo!

I actually don’t use my Yahoo mail account either. Only for stuff life account registrations, and experiments like these.GMail is incredible of course. I don’t even use Thunderbird anymore because of it.I want more industrial-strength webapps to toy around with!

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