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haha sabagay, ibahin mo lang yung bagsak ng buhok mo, medyo emo na. (at least your hair from high school).

Comment by Tago on Doodles

Hahaha. πŸ˜€ I also have plenty of printouts (of fspecs, pspecs, etc) that have plenty of doodles at the back. πŸ˜€ Sayang, recycle them printouts so doodle at the back. πŸ˜€

Comment by Roy on Killer-killer

I guess it depends on the particular set of rules that people know. I didn’t even remember how the game could handle 10 or more people until playing it again.Besides, blinking can happen involuntarily. Healing cannot. And making the doctor blink means the Policeman can make a mistake and catch the Doctor!

Comment by peng on Killer-killer

i LOVE killer-killer. i believe the doctor heals with a blink though.

Comment by aira "BOB" ong on Books: ABNKKBSKNPLAko? by Bob Ong

THaNK you sa lahat ng tumangkilik nito kahit na merong mga nagagalit. And I am really feel sorry for them… .

Comment by aira ong on Books: ABNKKBSKNPLAko? by Bob Ong

wow grabe !! I cannot believe that someone really published it. Sikat na pala ako!!! Please patawarin ako ng mga taong natamaan ng bato.

Comment by pikapika2501 on They Don't Know What They're Missing

Hi I’m pika. I’m searching the web when I stumble to this blog thing you have here and your article seems to be quite intriguing. Because when I get to read this, I felt that history repeats its self. It is not that exact though but we have quite a similar case.If you have time, kindly reply to my email because I have alot of questions and I wanted to share my experience to you.

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Comment by Roy on The Earth is Flat

I already use Gimp. But sometimes you just want a simple drawing program. πŸ˜€

Comment by mikong on The Earth is Flat

Ubuntu doesn’t have a simple Paint app installed but you might want to check out Gimp. It’s a mere 16+MB download. But you don’t have to draw it coz I also imagined it the same way when I was a kid so I’m thinking that’s how a lot of kids might imagine it before it’s explained in school. Though I thought the lower half of the sphere is the ocean where the earth floats (that’s why it ends up in the middle or the plane near the equator as you describe it).

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Comment by Roy on New Year Noise

I’m a guy; I’ve never worn polka dots.Sadly, that recording was no longer around during the last New Year’s Eve. My dad said that the cassette player was no longer working and he wasn’t sure where the recording was…

Comment by peng on New Year Noise

i have to give kudos to the noise recording. our family has often used pots and pans to contribute in lieu of firecrackers.hmmm i’ve never seen you in polka dots.

Comment by Roy on Pack Rat Mentality

… or maybe you’re just not geeky enough. :pOr maybe it’s a boy scout thing. You always need to be prepared to whip out half a season of Heroes on demand.I probably will dispose of most of them. I’m keeping the Simpsons ones though.“Spider-pig, Spider-pig, does whatever a spider-pig can… “

You’re probably too much of a packrat. And you don’t need to compare yourself to people you know. What’s important is if you need those videos, and from what you said I’m guessing you don’t. Don’t backup those videos unless they’re very rare or your favorite of all time.There are a couple people I know who back everything up, and sometimes I borrow from them. A lot of other people borrow from them too.

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I believe it’s quite difficult and, of course, fearful but all these difficulties and fears will vanish because going accross the world is very interesting.

Comment by jACK on Drama at the Manila Pen

Basta putanginang trillanes iyan! si robert reyes sana ituloy tuloy niya ang hunger strike niya.mga hayup na yan! na curfew pa ako!

Comment by Roy on Fear

Dunno, maybe not. But that’s what I was thinking at that instant. Right now, they say it was a gas leak, and I find I don’t particularly care. Also, there was an explosion at the Batasan and I think people shrug that off even more than the one at G2.We’re all getting so desensitized to this sort of stuff.

Comment by noems on Fear

would that really make us feel safer? sometimes, we can’t even be sure if the authorities have got the right group/person. or if they did,… its seldom that they can stop the next not really the type to have angsts against the govt. but for me, i get my ‘security’ from somewhere/someone else.

Comment by Roy on GPT Bangkok 4

eh, I’ll consider submitting an article to NG if I actually get a decent finish. πŸ˜€

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