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Comment by Linda on Sparketype ·

:: 31 words

Hi, I have the same sparktype and shadow type. I totally agree with my results but haven't used them in my work. I'm so misaligned but that's a whole other story.

Comment by Lauren Lesser on Sparketype ·

:: 54 words

I got the same results! And your post came up in my google results when I saw trying to find more info about my type without signing up for the full package/book, ha. Since no one else commented, just figured I'd leave you one. Hello from a random stranger, keep up the good writing!

Comment by roytang on MTG Arena ·

:: 11 words

AFAIK they have not announced any plans for that. Seems unlikely.

:: 13 words

I've only ever read it digital. It's available on Amazon now apparently

Comment by Ken Mythical on Adding Developers to a Late Project

:: 17 words

That Mythical Man-Month book is so mythical. Can't locate it in any bookstore for the longest time.

Comment by roytang on My history in text editors

:: 39 words

I don't usually need the font resize, but there's Ctrl + and Ctrl - available I believe. I haven't used VS Code long enough to have an opinion on extensions yet, maybe a follow-up post later down the line.

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