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Indiana Jones: Raiders vs Crystal Skull

So I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull last Friday. Two days later I also watched for the first time Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Instead of doing a lame movie review, here’s a double header feature! (Warning: Spoilers for both movies follow)


Mostly due to my antisocial nature and my laziness, I haven’t actually seen a movie in a theater since…forever. I broke that fast mostly because of the hype surround 300, the movie based on Frank Miller’s comic book retelling of the Battle at Thermopylae. Everyone who’s seen the movie has the same thing to say:…

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God’s Debris by Scott Adams

This was Scott Adams’ first non-Dilbert book. If you’re used to reading Adams go on about Induhviduals and stupid managers, or if you’ve never read Adams trying / pretending to sound philosophical in one of his books, then this isn’t what you’d expect. Adams describes it as a “thought experiment” of sorts, one where he tries…

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Movies: Transformers the Movie

I should’ve thought of this as soon as I got DSL: I went ahead and downloaded Transformers the Movie. Transformers was of course, the epitome of my youth. Unlike most other guy kids, I preferred the Transformers to G.I. Joe. I guess I preferred high-tech fantasy over soliders back then, with the war of the…

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Books: More Bob Ong

A while back I blogged about Bob Ong’s first book. A short while after, I also picked up his next two books, Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ng Libro Ang Mga Pilipino? (Why Do Filipinos Read Backwards?) and Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas (Judas’ Favorite Book). “Bakit Baligtad” focuses on the Philippines, its people, its quirks and its problems. “Paboritong Libro” is…

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