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2022 January

  • Finally got to watch Eternals since it was already got a streaming release. (Sadly still unable to go out and watch films in the theater.) This film had mixed reviews, and I can see why. For me, the main problem is that the film tries to do too many different things, and doesn't execute any of them particularly well. This is largely an offshoot of having such a large ensemble cast (there are TEN main characters!), each of whom are new to the MCU and thus are in need of backgrounds, personalities and character arcs. The problems are complicated by

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2016 May

  • "Everyone knows the third movie is always the worst" -- Jean still too much focus on Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique some great soundtrack choices Quicksilver scene maybe just a tiny bit too long. Tradition of defying the rules of physics continues (I hope someone does the math on how fast he was probably moving) nice 80s wardrobe lol not particularly faithful to the source material plot is all over the place, a lot of WTF moments here and there. OMG that stupid arrow D: lots of faults, but you'll probably enjoy it anyway if you're an X-men fan just for all the

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