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2002 January

  • 06 Jan 2002

    Hopefully, the site is now Netscape-safe... Uploaded more stuff today: I put up an ECE Board Exam Reviewer β€” it's a software that helps me review for the upcoming ECE boards. It's in the files section. I really should add that to the list of resolutions: WILL STUDY FOR BOARD EXAM! I also decided to renovate and re-use the geocities site so I put up an Anime ROMs site there. I wanted to put up the Anime ROMs before, but I was worried about what Topcities might do, since Ihaven't heard anything about what they do to copyright violations on

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    Jan. 6, 2002, noon / / blog / #legacy-blog-posts / Syndicated: blogger / 💬 3 / 134 words
  • 04 Jan 2002

    Well... you learn something new everyday! And today I learned that Netscape is very strict about HTML coding. Unclosed tags will screw up even the simplest of web pages! Spent quite some time rewriting the HTML to be Netscape friendly...
    Jan. 4, 2002, noon / / blog / #legacy-blog-posts / Syndicated: blogger / 40 words
  • 03 Jan 2002

    Changed the layout even more! Added a start page containing the menu only, so that visitors wouldn't have to listen to me ranting all the time. Uploaded some stuff, since my COMPUTER IS PROBABLY GOING TO DIE SOON! It's on its last legs... I can feel it. Over the next couple of days I'll probably be uploading stuff that I don't have backed up elsewhere. For now the only new upload is a bunch of high school pics. See the Files section for more. Towards my resolutions: I went on over to to see if the last fic (Nobody

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    Jan. 3, 2002, noon / / blog / #legacy-blog-posts / Syndicated: blogger / 302 words
  • 01 Jan 2002

    New Year's Resolutions: Write more. Fanfiction, original works, whatnot. I need to shape up my writing skills. Devote more time to game development. My interest sort of waned after a certain group project I was on fizzled out, but I'm gonna get back on track.
    Jan. 1, 2002, noon / / blog / #legacy-blog-posts / Syndicated: blogger / 45 words