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2004 October

  • Firefox 1.0 on November 9

    In case you haven't heard, Firefox, the little browser that could, is scheduled for the official 1.0 release on Nov. 9. There's a large promotion campaign going on over at, including a campaign to gather donations for a large ad of some sort on the New York Times. I'm still using 0.9, despite the availability of 1.0PR, but I'll surely get the official 1.0 come November 9. πŸ˜€ BTW, there are some cool Firefox wallpapers available.
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  • Google Desktop

    People have been raving about Google Desktop lately. I didn't like it. Aside from the obvious problem with multi-user computers, apparently there are some other issues. I wouldn't use it for my everyday, personal stuff, but I think it might be okay at work.
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  • Bad Bowler!

    First day of company bowling today. I got 101 and 87 in the two games. Bleah. The dinner was at Max's. The chicken was dry. I really don't like Max's. :( So much for raw talent :p
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  • Taxi Tales

    Sometimes the best stories come from the strangest places. Tonight, I was tired, I just wanted to get home quickly and unwind. So I took a taxi, just outside Megamall. The driver had to ask me where I was going, and luckily my choice of destination was favorable to him. Now, to be honest, I really hate taxi drivers who choose passengers based on where they're going. Not only is it illegal, it's annoying. So I didn't really like it when he turned out to be a chatty driver. On our way down East Avenue, near the LTO offices, he

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  • Unrequited

    (Warning: sappy!) Have you ever been in love with someone who can't love you back? Unrequited love: one of the worst possible states a human being could ever hope to achieve. It starts quite innocently. You start to notice this certain person. You find her sweet and friendly. You like the way she looks, the way she talks, the way she smiles. She's pretty cute, she's smart, and her smile is enough to melt your heart. You hang out with her every so often. You find something about her that turns you on. Pretty soon you find yourself thinking about

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  • Where Have I Been

    Well the week before was supposedly preparation for the JITSE (although I think a lot more time was spent on SF3... ) And this week, there was a lot of overtime to be had (quite a bit of food too). Oh, and I've been having medical problems apparently; After some days of experiencing dizziness, I had myself a check up (free! I now think company-sponsored health care is cool :D) at Clinica Manila in Megamall. After some blood tests and stuff, I found out some bad things: I have too much uric acid in my system. Apparently I have to

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  • About the JITSE, and Exams in general

    Alright, so it's been a week since I took the JITSE, over at the Philippine Christian University in Manila. Like all other exams I take, I finished it unhumanly early. If I didn't have any kind of shame, I would have submiited the AM exam a whole hour-and-a-half early just so I could get some sleep before the PM part. (Some people noticed I was dozing off anyway :P) I don't get the big deal though. For objective-type, multiple-choice exams, there's really no reason to linger over the questions. Read the question once or twice, and you realize that either

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2004 September

  • Dear Content Producers and Owners: We lied to you. In the golden 80s and 90s we told you micropayments and content protection would work; that you would be able to charge minuscule amounts of money whenever someone listened to your music or watched your movie. We told you untruths which we well knew would never work -- after all, we would've never used them ourselves. Instead, we wrote things like Kazaa and Gnutella, and all other evil P2P applications to get the stuff free. Read the full original entry. Found via boingboing
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  • Lego Heroes, They Fight Crime!

    Something random found today: Some guy's gallery of comic-book (and other genre) characters as lego people And, for those three people who haven't seen this before: The Fight Crime! The guy who made the above javascript thingy (website: had a link to some sort of online β€˜zine about comics. I don't follow comics much anymore, but apparently, Peter David is writing something X-Factor again. And according to a friend of mine, he's also writing Hulk again! Now if only I had the money and patience to start collecting comics again...
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  • Things To Do

    In order of priority: Study for the JITSE -- I'm terrible at this. Frankly, it's quite boring to study, and it reminds me why I'm not taking any post-graduate studies. By all accounts, I'll probably be cramming those last few days before the exam, as usual. It doesn't help that some of my coworkers convinced me to tag along for a trip to Fontana 7 days before the exam proper. I may have to rely on SHEER GENIUS again. Study PHP, build a new website -- I've been making websites for years now, but now I want to try my

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  • Liberated Games

    Note to self: Don't forget to check out the games at Liberated Games sometime in the future. They host commercial games which have been released for free to the public... some with source code. I mean, c'mon, they apparently have the source code for Star Control 2! (I say apparently because their download page seems to have a problem right now, hence I will get back to it later.)
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2004 August

  • Life-Changing Events

    "Life-changing events"... one would think I'm about to speak of something like a natural disaster, getting married or quitting my job, something that would create a profound change in my life. No, I'm going to talk about something a bit less dramatic, but it has had a profound effect on me nonetheless. I don't talk about these things that often, but hey, what use is a blog if you can't use it as an outlet, right? I'm in love. Yup, I am. Whereas I previously considered myself as someone strong enough to be emotionally independent from other people, I find

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  • August's End

    It's been a while, I got a lot to say, some personal things, some random stuff from the internet. Let's start with the easy stuff, random linkage: First up, the Kingdom of Loathing, it's an online Stickman RPG! It's MMO (well, not really massive), it's wacky, and you can be a pastamancer! It currently amuses me... and I hate waiting to get more turns! My account there is "hungry roy" It's Quentin Tarantino's diary! Or is it? You be the judge! I was bored, and wanted something to happen with this blog, so I decided to submit it to Rice

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  • New Hardware

    Spent some cash this weekend. First thing was a 256 Mb Kingston flash drive. Nothing too complicated, just something to transfer MP3s to and from work with. =) Next up was a digital camera. A Kodak CX6330 to be exact. We had been planning to buy one for a while. Pics? Not now. Funny story though. There was this promo where we could get a P5000 discount (less than US$100) if we could show a receipt for P200 worth of Pampers (a local brand of baby diapers)... so I had to explain to people why in the world I was

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