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2022 July

  • Continuing the MCU phase 4 things. I don't have spoiler-free reviews for these ones. This post will have unmarked spoilers. Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) I watched this with my brother last Monday right after my long trip. IDK if it was the trip exhaustion, but I wasn't super impressed. My brother felt it was better than Ragnarok, I think it was maybe a bit worse. The movie felt a lot goofier than Ragnarok, but that doesn't necessarily mean it was funnier. Most of Korg's narration jokes were so-so, and I'm not a fan of Thor himself being exceptionally goofy

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  • I'm prepping for an out of town trip and making a list of things to bring. The trip involves a ten-hour bus ride (back and forth) and five days staying at a place where I am uncertain how good the internet will be and for most of the days of the trip we don't have any planned agenda. As such, my checklist always includes a decent amount of entertainment, including offline ones where possible. For this trip, I'm planning to bring: a Nintendo Switch, with at least two offline single-player games a tablet with ebooks/comics I can read an actual

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  • Dictator's son and habitual liar Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr officially took over as the president of this country last weekend, a living testament to the power of propaganda and short memories. I did not pay attention to the festivities. In fact, I try not to pay attention to news about him at all; though I am paying attention to cabinet appointees and I must note that we still don't have a health secretary! The pandemic is still a thing! Covid19 cases are still on a slight uptick over here, though the number of daily cases at the end of the

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