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2022 May

  • As I mentioned in the most recent weeknotes, nothing about the most recent spate of USA mass shootings is particularly new or even surprising. But one thing that struck me is that both of the assailants in Uvalde and Buffalo were eighteen years old. Eighteen! This shouldn't be surprising, since even the perpetrators of the earliest mass shootings like Columbine were eighteen years old. When you're young and you first turn eighteen, you feel good about yourself because yay, you're an adult now, but what does that even mean? Looking back at myself when back when I turned eighteen, it

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  • It has been a difficult week, particularly for supporters of VP Leni Robredo, given the outcome of the election last Monday. It's taken me a few days to gather my thoughts, and even then, some of these ideas may still seem raw and unrefined. Some were also the outcome of numerous conversations with fellow supporters both before and after the elections. Disclaimer: I am of course, not an expert of any kind, and these are just my personal thoughts (some refined by many conversations in the immediate 48-96hrs after the election. So very many active group chats!) Hope and Disappointment

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  • A whole new month just crept up on us huh. I don't have anything particularly witty to say at the moment. The World Putin's invasion of Ukraine is now in its 10th week. No end in sight. Not sure if it's worth it to continue tracking this here since this may go on for a while. PH/Politics: One week remains until the elections on Monday the 9th. It's the homestretch! There was some kind of Baby Marcos-aligned sortie near our house last night. I briefly considered buying a tomato. I wrote a short note about my thoughts for the last

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