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2022 April

  • It seems we are once again blogging about blogging. Such is life. (When I talk about blogging here, I am mostly talking about what Tom Critchlow calls "small-b blogging", or maybe "sincere blogging" as I have called it. Basically blogging that isn't designed for pageviews or scale.) Wouter of writes that None of His Best Friends are Content Creators: Again, I can second that. He then elaborates different attempts at getting people into blogging. Most attempts failed (second that). Most people just give up after a while, citing various reasons: nothing important to say, too difficult to write, too

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  • I think more people should blog, and more people should follow people who blog, so I've been meaning to do some posts to promote other people's blogs, in the hopes of accelerating the return of real/personal blogs. (As opposed to those commercial blogs that are just for selling stuff or being content farms or whatever.) With that in mind, here are some blogs I can recommend you follow: Pluralistic by Cory Doctorow Cory Doctorow has been blogging for a while; he used to blog over on BoingBoing (as mentioned in my Blogs of Yesteryear post), but now he has his

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