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2021 March

  • See also: Justice League spoiler-free review (2017) This is basically a movie that's more than 3 years old, we're not holding back on spoilers here. plot basically follows the same beats as the theatrical cut except this time we have a lot more team setup time (one of my criticisms from the previous version), giving the characters stronger backgrounds, especially Cyborg and Flash Ray Fisher was right to complain; in this version he's one of the important characters of the ensemble while he was basically a minor guest character in the theatrical cut more DC characters make appearances in this

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  • The world: Over the past couple of days, our nationwide daily covid cases broke 7000+, the highest recorded so far. Have to be super careful when going out for errands. Not that I wasn't being careful even before, mind you. Just now, government has announced we are still under GCQ (see my post about the PH quarantine levels), but with more restrictions, etc. Looks like they are still hesitant to provide a stronger lockdown which would require paying people to stay home so they don't starve to death. Links of interest: The internet is splitting apart. The Internet Archive wants

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  • It took me more than three weeks to get through Gibson's influential work Neuromancer, a book that pioneered the cyberpunk genre and even introduced terms like cyberspace, ICE and "the matrix" into popular lexicon. It's not because the book is bad or anything, it's just that Gibson tends to describe everything very vividly, and almost all of it from the POV of our lead character Case, who is sometimes in the real world, sometimes in cyberspace, and sometimes simply just drunk or high. I found myself taking time with each scene to visualize where Case was and what was going

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  • Happy Pi Day! The world: It's the one year anniversary of the world's longest lockdown. In some kind of sick anniversary celebration, local covid cases are on the rise. Yesterday, 5000 new cases were reported, the highest daily rate in 6 months or so. And now a Philippine variant has been detected. Now is not the time to be complacent, we all need to be more careful. The government seems unwilling to impose another widespread ECQ and are focusing on targetted, granular lockdowns. Not sure how effective this would be. Links of interest: An opinionated list of best practices for

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  • March has begun. Did it ever really end? The world: Vaccination finally starts in the country, with initial donated batches of Sinovac and AstraZeneca vaccine arriving in the country. Just in time for the one year anniversary of the world's longest lockdown. SinoVac isn't the best choice, but many of my doctor friends say they'll settle for it if that's what's available for them. I think QC is planning to use AstraZeneca for their citizens, but worrying is that AZ's efficacy has been shown to be not so good against certain variants such as the South African one, which has

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  • #WandaVision spoiler-free review: Overall, I really liked it, and I think they did well with the one-episode-per-week format. The show certainly would not have been this hyped if it all came in one drop Really difficult to not spoil. If you have somehow avoid being spoiled by the internet until it all dropped, good for you! A very emotional story of Wanda dealing with the aftermath of Infinity War/Endgame good usage of the sitcom tropes fantastic performance by Elisabeth Olsen lots of fan service for comic book fans to dig into. Maybe too much even; don't overthink or overhype it

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