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2021 October

  • On our first day back from the hospital stay I found some issues that had rise or that no one had attended to while we were away: the light switch in my bathroom was faulty (looks like some corrosion), so we couldn't turn on the light (I was able to turn it on ONCE, confirming the light itself still works, then never again) some rats had gotten into some extra chips I had stored around my soundbar was emitting a high-pitched white noise my mouse had become faulty, making it hard to NOT double-click And then I had to help

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  • I struggled for a bit with how to write this post. Privacy of family and medical histories are considerations, so I will not get into too much detail with that regard and limit it to Covid-related concerns. Other than that, writing about the experience might be useful to other people (and besides, if I didn't write this post, future me would find it weird!). The post ended up quite long! TLDR: We got Covid19 and had to stay in the hospital. Covid19 is serious business, be careful and avoid it at all costs. The Covid19 Run Around the last weekend

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  • (Note: This post was written March 21st, 2022 after I did the Neon Dynasty Limited Recap, but the publish date is back-dated to right after the last MTGMidnight post) Midnight Hunt limited stats! Events Win Loss Total Winrate Total 10 39 28 67 0.5821 By Main Colors UW 2 11 6 17 0.6471 UB 1 5 3 8 0.625 RB 4 8 11 19 0.4211 RG 2 13 5 18 0.7222 UR 1 2 3 5 0.4 By Color White 2 11 6 17 0.6471 Blue 4 18 12 30 0.6 Black 5 13 14 27 0.4815 Red 7 23

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  • As of tonight, all of the household's Covid patients have been cleared and sent home from the hospital. I wish I could say that was the end of the ordeal, but not everyone came back at full strength and there may still be a significant recovery period to go. What this means for me personally is that my caretaking days are not yet done. I thought I would have the energy for a full-blown weeknotes today, but with everything I've had to handle, it might take me a few more days to get back into my familiar old routines and

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  • I have a bit more time and energy this week, though I am still unfortunately stuck at the hospital, taking care of loved ones. The good news is that I myself am no longer a patient, I recovered and was "discharged" a while back. Both of the loved ones still here in the hospital are past the worst of it apparently, but we still need to wait for them to recover before we can go home. The doctors are unable to give us a timeline. As you can imagine, the hospital stay has wreaked havoc on my routines, though now

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  • Finally managed to finish The Three-Body Problem this week, despite the recent challenges. It's a very... interesting novel at the very least. CHaracterization isn't super strong, it's one of those novels where the focus is on the world building and how it affects society and humanity at large. It's nice to have a decent sci-fi story that isn't so American centric though. The story revolves around two main characters: Ye Wenjie, a Cultural Revolution-era astrophysicist who was able to secretly establish contact with an extreterrestrial civilization called Trisolaris, and Wang Miao, a modern day applied physicist, working in nanotech, who

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  • Vice-President Leni Robredo finally announcing her candidacy for the presidency yesterday injected an interesting bit of energy into the online opposition. A lot of people expressed support, even many of my friends who usually stayed silent during the regular political exercises. In theory, I remain neutral, as I like to give each candidate a fair shake during the campaign period and make my final decisions as election day nears (or on the day itself even!) But this year's slate is especially bleah and bereft of actual, exciting choices that it's easy to see where I will be leaning. It's easy

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  • The covid situation is still unfolding, but it's no longer at home. I am relatively fine and doing well, aside from some minor things. But there are others to take care of as well. I wish more words could be spared, but that will have to wait until this is all over. Until then, the blog gets little more than a placeholder. The world can wait.: