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2021 September

  • There is an evolving COVID situation at home, so things are a bit busy today, this entry may be shorter than usual. The world: 2022 presidential race is heating up; Manila Mayor Isko Moreno announced his candidacy this past week (with failed senatorial candidate Dr. Willie Ong as his running mate), though some people suspect he is a spoiler candidate meant to split opposition votes. He's never really been opposition though? KBL has expectedly endorsed BongBong Marcos as their presidential candidate. Links of interest: "I quit": Cory Doctorow on peak indifference, big tobacco, disinformation and death Python as a build

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  • I hadn't been watching any new movies the past couple of weeks, so I decided to do a Jack Ryan run this week. I had never seen any of the films before and my only prior exposure to the so-called "Ryanverse" has been the John Krasinski starrer Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime (Talk about a clunky title!). Luckily Netflix + Prime Video had 4 out of the 5 films, but I could not find a copy of Sum of All Fears (2002), so this Jack Ryan week will have to go without Ben Affleck. I watched the 4

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  • I finished a rewatch of House earlier this week; it's only my second time through the series. First time was during my stay in London, when I did a Netflix UK trial. I don't think I ever caught it when it was running on TV, but it's quickly become one of my favorite procedural shows. I thought I'd write a quick retrospective on the show. (Writing about stuff helps me remember details!) Seasons 1-3 The first few seasons set up the premise for the series: Gregory House, genius diagnostician, misanthrope, painkiller addict, and all-around asshole, able to solve and diagnose

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  • 1 There was this link that did the rounds a couple of weeks ago: How I experience the web today. It's an accurate depiction of the many issues with the modern-day web. Such issues are already annoying on desktop web, but are often exacerbated and hence much worse on platforms such as mobile or tablets, especially given the more limited screen real-estate. Not just screen space, system resources are often scarce on these systems too. All of the popups and ads and whatnot inevitably tend to slow down the mobile / tablet experience. The worst case scenario has to be

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  • This is the second Le Guin piece I've read, following the short story The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas. This one is a full-length novel, though not particularly long. It took me about a week and a half to get through, reading a chapter or two a day. The book covers the attempts of Genly Ai, an envoy from the Ekumen, an alliance of spacefaring human worlds, who has come to the brutally cold planet of Winter to invite the residents to join the Ekumen. The residents of Winter, though human, are unique among all other known human species,

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  • Jeremy Keith wrote about the cage of algorithmic recommendations: But that’s not true. You don’t ask “the algorithm” for a recommendation—it foists them on you whether you want them or not. A more apt metaphor would be that you walked by a record shop once and the store worker came out and followed you down the street, into your home, and watched your every move for the rest of your life. What Peter describes sounds great—a helpful knowledgable software agent that you ask for recommendations. But that’s not what “the algorithm” is. And that’s why it feels like a cage.

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  • Bond film no. 24, Daniel Craig's fourth, and the end of this year's James Bond run. At least until I somehow manage to watch No Time To Die despite it coming out exclusively in theaters and our theaters still not open due to the pandemic. Spectre is... okay. It's more or less the culmination of the past four movies of Craig's run. With all of his personal trials so far revealed to be the machinations of the head of nefarious organization SPECTRE and Bond's traditional archnemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Blofeld here (played by Christoph Waltz) is given a bit more

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