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2021 December

  • Hawkeye Hawkeye was fine. It was less about Clint Barton and more about introducing Kate Bishop and seeing the aftermath of Natasha's death in Endgame. Ending was kind of so-so. There is one post-credits scene at the end of the last episode, it's fun. (Spoilers) Wheel of Time Wheel of Time: The plot of season 1 follows the plot of the first book very, very loosely and diverges a lot by the final episode. I mostly enjoyed the season, and I can understand why they would choose to diverge from the books, though I will admit some of the decisions

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  • Finished reading this today. An entertaining enough read, basically gives a high-level overview of humanity's history, the different revolutions (cognitive, agricultural, industrial, etc) we went through and what tradeoffs each one made for society and the individual. Covers how ancient humans were subject to the whims of nature and biological limitations, how modern humans are on the cusp of overcoming those limitations and becoming gods themselves, and how we got there. Here's some stuff I highlighted: 2: The Tree of Knowledge Ever since the Cognitive Revolution, Sapiens has thus been living in a dual reality. On the one hand, the

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  • Previously The Rotten Bananas Saga. The Demand Letter Late November, I got an email that went something like this: Dear [My Mother's Name], Our client, Globe Telecom, Inc., has referred to us for immediate legal action the matter of your unjustified refusal to pay the amount of 2,399.00 as of November 16, 2021 consisting of unpaid balance for the account number [AccountNumber]. Our client’s records show that since the month of January 9, 2018 and until now, despite repeated demands from our clients, you have failed to pay the total amount of 2,399.00. Your continued refusal to pay our client

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  • (Note: This post was written March 17th, 2022 after I did the Neon Dynasty Limited Recap, but the publish date is back-dated to right after the last MTGCrimson post) Crimson Vow limited stats! Events Win Loss Total Winrate Total 21 80 57 137 0.5839 With splash 6 18 18 36 0.5 By Main Colors UW 2 7 6 13 0.5385 UB 4 23 7 30 0.7667 RW 1 6 3 9 0.6667 GW 1 4 3 7 0.5714 BW 5 13 15 28 0.4643 RB 3 15 8 23 0.6522 UG 2 6 6 12 0.5 RG 2 3 6

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2021 November

  • Bond film no. 25, undeniably Daniel Craig's last, and the culmination of this year's James Bond run. We started watching a bit past 10:30pm which might have been a mistake as the movie is quite long - we finished the film almost 1:30am, with no breaks. One can argue the movie is too long and that a few scenes should have been cut here or there, but I didn't find any particular lulls or pacing issues that were too egregious. The runtime is not helped by the director making the audience bask in each scene, panning and zooming to show

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  • In October 2020, I migrated this site from serving static Hugo-based files to a site running on a custom Django-based backend. My internal name for that backend is Cypress, which has no particular meaning other than I wanted something that was an alternative to Wordpress. (Yes, I am aware there is a testing framework by that name, that's a problem for future me.) So it's been a bit over a year since I decided to write my own custom blogging system. I decided to write about it for a bit because of some recent posts from other bloggers I follow

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  • Supergirl had their series finale last week; the usual big superhero fight affair with a heavy-handed focus on "empowering people" typical of the series and relying on Supergirl making a big speech to inspire everyone in the world. Ended with a lesbian wedding, so go diversity. Wasn't a big fan of this season, waaay too much magic and time spent in the phantom zone and such. The last part was basically them chasing a set of McGuffins each with different rules that let them do a different gimmick with each episode and gave Kara an excuse to have another inner

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  • Shang-Chi finally came out on BR/D+, so I got to watch it at last. Traditional spoiler-free review (despite not being able to watch day one in the cinema), then spoilery bits follow: Fun kung fu movie. The plot is a bit meh and there's some pacing issues in the middle, but the action is great. The fight scenes are pretty good, although this makes me sad for the lost potential of the Iron Fist Netflix series. Fight scenes felt kinda dragonball-y towards the end though. So many MCU cameos, fun for the MCU fan I found it hard to take

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