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2020 February

  • 2020 Movies update: 7 movies watched in Feb. Probably the best movie I've seen this month was Knives Out. (Jojo Rabbit close second.) The goal of 200 movies for the year is getting farther! As for TV, I think most of my watching time was spent rewatching Rick and Morty for quiz purposes lol. Well, Criminal Minds ended, so there's that. Arrowverse has been meh, though I did enjoy Supergirl's 100th episode. Hm, I guess I haven't actually watched a lot of stuff in the past month. There's a ton of stuff that I've been wanting to watch but haven't

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  • I used to host my tumblr blog on a custom domain at That was working fine for a while. Then recently I decided to play around with having Cloudflare in front of my site (might be helpful on the off-chance I ever manage to go viral somehow). Not yet sure whether Cloudflare was a good idea, but apparently it doesn't play well with Tumblr's custom domains, so the above custom tumblr URL got turned off. Now, I don't actually care about the tumblr blog anymore and have no intention of updating it further. All the content from that blog

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  • I watched a little bit of the Senate hearing yesterday on the ABS-CBN franchise renewal issues. One of the senators, a known lackey of the president claimed that while the president was not vindictive, "kung masama ka sa kanya, masama din sya sa yo" (I'm not sure the senator understood what vindictive means). One of the ABS head honchos later made a statement that they were "sorry if they had offended the president" even though they were just following all the relevant laws, or something to that effect. I cringed. Why do they need to apologize to an onion-skinned politician

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  • The week went by quickly for me for some reason. I suppose it was mainly because I actually did some paid work this week (just some planning and technical review for a future project) and that I had multiple events to attend (two quiz nights and there two birthdays in the family). That and maybe doing the Tales of Berseria platinum stuff might be taking up a lot of my time. One would think the plat grinding would be tedious, but I kinda enjoy ToB's battle system, so it's not so bad. I was even inspired to check out my

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  • In 2010 I took a short work hiatus which meant I was often home for most of the day. Back then Netflix wasn't really a thing, so I would often have local cable TV playing in the background of whatever I was doing. And it was because of this that I started regularly watching police procedurals. They're not the cleverest or most highbrow of shows, but they're more like a guilty pleasure. Most of it was NCIS, which the cable channels loved showing for some reason, but during that time I also picked up other shows like the quirky Bones

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  • I found this great article the other week about Why You Should Start A Blog Right Now. The whole thing is absolutely worth a read, but my favorite part is at the start where he enumerates a list of reasons why he wrote particular posts, and it sent me down a rabbit hole again of evaluating why I write on this blog, and whether it was an endeavor worth continuing. Presumably, having a blog has a lot of possible benefits, but the one important for me personally are: it helps me clarify step through my own thoughts and understand my

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  • The world's crises continue to settle in, but at least we have no new entries. The coronavirus continues to spread, will probably be a while before it tapers off. Our dear president, in his finite wisdom, has decided to withdraw from the US-PH visiting forces agreement. I'm sure our Chinese masters approve. The Oscars were held last week. Didn't watch or anything, but happy for the Parasite win, about time for a foreign language best picture. The world needs us to be better. We went to a QC quiz night last Wednesday. To get to the venue, I found myself

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  • (Note: This post was written May 24th, 2022 after I did the Neon Dynasty Limited Recap, but the publish date is back-dated to right after the last Theros Beyond Death post) Theros Beyond Death limited stats! Events Win Loss Total Winrate Total 11 39 32 71 0.5493 With splash 3 18 18 36 0.5 By Main Colors WU 2 5 6 11 0.4545 WB 1 6 3 9 0.6667 WG 2 9 6 15 0.6 UB 2 3 6 9 0.3333 UR 1 5 3 8 0.625 BR 1 1 3 4 0.25 By Color White 6 23 18 41

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  • I suppose we should be grateful that we didn't receive any new portents of the apocalypse in the past seven days. Unless you count the US senate refusing to remove Trump from office. And maybe we should. If only the aftershocks of US politics didn't affect rest of the world so much then we would all just be laughing at them instead. Oh, and the coronavirus is still going strong apparently. There was this recent article I read about how China's authoritarian government prioritizes it's own self-image, over the safety of its citizens. They've even been censoring news about the

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  • In the middle of 2015, after 12ish years of working at the same company, I said to myself "I think I'm burnt out."

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  • The big news this week was the passing of basketball legend Kobe Bryant. Not personally big on basketball myself, but I can get why a lot of people sympathized. It was sad, but at least it wasn't on the scale of another natural disaster or global pandemic. Although the global pandemic did also spread to the Philippines this week... I know it's only been a month, but I'm digging this weeknotes practice. It establishes a regular cadence for the blog and at the same time provides a general bucket where I can place any spare thoughts that don't make it

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