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2019 October

  • So a couple of days ago, Yahoo announced that it was shutting down Yahoo Groups. I was a big user of Yahoo Groups back in the day. I was a member of several active mailing lists in the early 2000s, including some fandom groups (see: The Rise and Fall of the Final Fantasy Forum) and a few alumni groups and some MTG-related ones. Now all of that content is vanishing! Since I hate losing content to the sands of time, I immediately looked at my options for archiving my Yahoo Groups content. Groups like are working to archive publicly-accessible

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  • While you slept, the world changed. I haven't reviewed any comics on this blog for a while, so today we'll talk about Jonathan Hickman's triumphant (so far) return to Marvel: House of X/Powers of X and the upcoming Dawn of X wave of books. Spoilers abound so be aware. Also while writing this I realized how absurd comic books must seem to nonreaders, but really that's what makes it all fun! (I mean, the Justice League is also crazy right now too!) For the unaware, House of X and Powers are X are two 6-issue miniseries to chart a new

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  • A post about making a guy making an archive of his twitter data made the rounds lately, so I figured I should make my own post about my ongoing efforts in this regard. I mentioned in an earlier post that I like being able to use social media to dig through my own history. But as the first link above says, these social media sites can go away since nothing lasts forever. In the spirit of the Indieweb principle to own your data, for the past few months I've been working on archiving most of my social media content on

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  • I like Wikis (probably because a previous employer used them a lot) so in 2005, I got an account at PBWiki (now PBWorks) which let you set up your own Wiki. Unfortunately, I never did end up using it for anything significant, and every couple of years they have to warn me they're going to delete it, so I figured I'd just get the content off of it and let it die. If I ever wanted a wiki again, a markdown-based one powered by Hugo would be much more appropriate anyway. The only significant piece of content I had there

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