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2018 April

  • As a programmer, I've always been a big fan of StackOverflow. I asked my first question there and also wrote my first answer in September 2008, which was the month the site launched, so I was pretty much there from the beginning. The site was a huge boon to programmers when it first came out, because the internet as a venue for asking questions and answers back then was a horrible fragmented landscape of small forums and mailing lists and sites like Experts Exchange, all of which were terribly designed. (StackOverflow founder Joel Spolsky talks about this a bit in

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  • (Originally posted on Nedstarkdies) Yes, this blog is alive! Also, obviously spoilers! Avengers Infinity War is something. A phenomenon of some kind. Not because of the movie itself, but because of what came before it. This movie is the culmination of 10 years and 18 movies worth of continuity. Itโ€™s unprecedented. And thatโ€™s only the first incredible thing about this movie (more on that later). Because of all that history, it has a lot to bear. It bears the weight of expectation. This movie has to be amazing. It has to be worth all of that setup, all of that

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