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2018 May

  • A couple of days ago I was rummaging through some old files and found a folder of some personal files I had copied from work computer at my old long-time place of work. One thing I was hoping to find there was this TODO text file that I kept throughout the years I worked there, even as I moved from one computer to another. It was a very long, append-only file, accumulated over some number of years. It served as some combination of task list, temporary clipboard, notes repository and logging of random thoughts throughout the day. Sadly, I could

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  • Ever since I came of age, I've exercised my right (and duty) to vote in every election that comes around. Except for Barangay/SK elections. I've never voted in Barangay elections. I understand that voting is a civic duty, and I have no real justification for shirking it. But the fact is that my level of awareness re: barangay-level government is very low. I have no idea what their responsibilities or jurisdiction is supposed to be. I know they have some sort of role in dispute resolution, low level law enforcement, and disaster relief efforts, but that's about it. If I

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  • Google recently had a demo of their new AI assistant Duplex at Google IO 2018: It's an amazing demo to watch, from an engineering perspective. Basically a combination of natural language processing + text-to-speech that can emulate human speaking patterns. It's not that much of a breakthrough (more like putting several different things together), but it's impressive and is a good indicator of where we are with regards to true conversant AI. On the other hand, it's a staged demo, it's yet to be seen how robust the technology will turn out to be in real life. And I doubt

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  • When Game of Thrones entered its sixth season in 2016, it was true spoiler territory for those of us who had read the GRRM books before HBO's TV adaptation turned the property into a worldwide phenomenon. Due to the author's glacial writing pace, at this point the TV series went past the point that the novels had reached. Thus nobody -- book readers or tv viewers -- knew what events would unfold in the story. I usually don't watch the episodes until a few days after they air. On the day the first episode aired I found while scrolling through

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