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2018 January

  • I'm not super big on New Year's Resolutions anymore. (I seldom even do the 1920Γ—1440 joke these days.) I mean, I'm all about productivity and improvement and changing for the better, but I've found that very specific resolutions don't often work for me. Mostly because I have very little focus (obviously something that an be improved). On Jan. 1, 2016, 1:24 a.m. I wrote: New Year's resolutions: Read, write, watch, play, create, destroy, win, learn, improve, chill, move forward So my tendency now is to stick to general, high level resolutions (like the above) that don't go into anything too

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  • My 2017 in numbers

    Happy new year! Last year I posted some year-end statistics. That seems like a good way to recap the year, so let's do it again. Random statistics from 2017: 45 blog posts (including this one; total of 818 currently on this site according to wp-admin, though that number doesn't add up to last year's stats; down 34 posts from last year, an indicator of increased busyness) 0 words written for Nanowrimo (hopefully I can have another go next year) 59 sketches submitted to r/sketchdaily (a far cry from last year's 321, yet another indicator of busyness) Duolingo streak: 0 days.

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