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2013 December

  • 2013 - Books and Games

    It's the end of the year, so it feels like a good time to look back at the books and games I've gone through in 2013. I guess it's my lack of focus really but my reading rate has really gone down over the past few years, I guess in favor of TV, comics and games. (I guess comics count as reading too, but I'm talking about full-length novels. For 2013 as far as I can tell I only finished reading the following novels: Slaughterhouse Five (Kurt Vonnegut) Foundation Trilogy (Isaac Asimov) -- I only read up to Second Foundation,

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2013 August

2013 June

  • Movie Review: Man of Steel (Spoilers!)

    Few people are really Superman fans, because let's face it, Superman is boring compared to say, Batman. I wouldn't claim to be a fan either, though I follow the history because of being generally a comic book guy (I got less than 50% of the answers in a recent Superman round in one of the local quiz nights =/) That being said, I did re-watch the first 2 Donner Superman movies and re-read All-Star Superman and Superman: For Tomorrow ahead of watching the movie. So, I look at the movie from the point of view of someone familiar with the

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  • I wrote some stuff about Vita vs 3DS in a Reddit post, I thought I'd expand on it here. I have access to both a first-generation 3DS with ambassador status (this is actually my brother's but he doesn't use it much) and a PS Vita which is only a couple of months old. I use the Vita a lot more because reasons: The screen is very very nice, especially compared to the 3DS screens. My eyes hurt a bit after a while of using the 3DS (even with 3D off). The Vita games also look a lot better compared to

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2013 May

  • Resources The content of this post is regarding my own opinion and who I plan to vote for. If you want to do your own research (I highly recommend it), here are some links to get you started: Movement for Good Governance briefers on Senatorial candidates Rappler Senatorial profiles I would also Google "rappler [candidate name] interview" for the interview article for each candidate (too many to list here) Here's a link to a Google doc of my own notes on each candidate, which I used as basis for recommendations below. (I didn't want to clutter up the blog post

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  • Even more ramblings about the elections

    It's easy to blame the poor, the masses for voting into power devious politicians, the corrupt, those with no track record, political dynasties based on money, survey results, name recognition or who has the most giveaways. But take a look at the number of decisions that have to be made when you go vote in an election (let's say it's also a presidential election so that we have a complete view): You need to choose a president out of maybe 6-8 candidates You need to choose a vice president out of maybe 6-8 candidates You need to choose 12 senators

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2013 April

  • People who follow me on Facebook or Twitter know that I've been recently made a number of anti-Nancy Binay posts. For a while now I've been wanting to write a blog post about that and several other election-related thoughts. I've decided to present these thoughts it as a fictional chat between made-up characters. Totally fictional characters. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead = pure coincidence. (Although if you must try to imagine these characters, you can imagine jaeger as a dashing idealist, in-in as a cynical pragmatist, ORYLY as a carefree vagabond and Scrappy coco as someone who

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  • X-Men First Class

    Just rewatched the ending of X-Men First Class. As far as origin stories go, it's pretty decent (although a number of continuity issues with the other X-Men movies exist). Charles getting crippled during the time that he and Erik part ways is certainly better than the canon comics story of him getting crippled by a random alien. The use of the Cuban Missile Crisis was also a good idea considering how the timeline matched up with Erik's time in the Nazi camps. It's too bad Magneto's character is tied to that particular time period - as time passes it will

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2013 March

  • Scenes from a Quiz Night

    Wednesday, March 20, 7:56pm We were four of us walking down the barely lit passage on the side of the building. The guard had lazily pointed us to a large open door near the back of the building. The interior was a studio-type area and there was a group of three women dressed in white who had arrived ahead of us and we followed them up a narrow set of stairs to an elevated lounge area with chairs and tables. We recognized some of the faces already there so we knew we were in the right place. No, we weren't

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  • Due to general business and/or laziness I've missed a few weeks of posting so to get back into pace I'm going to go through the current Marvel NOW titles and see how they're going so far. (We'll see if I have time for DCnU later) Captain America (4 issues in) - I'm not a big fan of Romita's art but at least it's better in this book than his AvX work. Despite my issues with the artwork I've found myself surprisingly entertained by Remender's current story arc. It's far out, it's insane and it's easily accessible, with no need to

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2013 February

  • Unscheduled trip down memory lane

    "Sir, baka pwedeng lipat na lang kayo ng taxi," the driver said to me apologetically. "Hindi na po kasi ako aabot sa garage sa Sta. Mesa." He offered to drop the flag-down fee from the fare so I just agreed. I got off and looked around. One of the reasons I agreed to let him off despite the late hour was that I knew the place where we were passing by -- a well lit area where I could easily get another taxi or take an alternative form of transportation if needed -- it was the neighborhood I grew up

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2013 January

  • It’s a satisfyingly good ending. The book is action-packed, with 80-90% of the book just bloody, bloody fighting, and very little of the whiny manipulative bitchiness that characterized some of the weaker books in the series. As far as I can tell most of the dangling points are wrapped up neatly, many characters get to be heroes and die, etc. Part of me wonders whether I’d be this satisfied if Jordan had managed to finish everything himself.
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  • Here are the first few Marvel comics I read this week: Savage Wolverine #1 by Frank Cho is a fun, action-packed ride. It doesn't explain much of what the heck is going on, but it does feature Wolverine chopping heads off and stabbing dinosaurs in the face so hey, I guess I'll read it for a while! All-New X-Men #6 sees the young X-Men trying to settle into modern day. I found young Scott's trying to wrap his head around mobile phones, bottled water and $5 magazines particularly amusing. The artist duties are temporarily handled by David Marquez (with Immonen

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  • This Week: All-New X-Men #5

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  • This Week: Superman #15

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