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2012 December

  • DC has an extra week of #15 releases on the first week of January (January 2), since they only had two issues out on Christmas week, which were: Justice League #15 and Aquaman #15 (Throne of Atlantis) Geoff Johns finally gives us a bit more characterization in the Justice League, stepping up from the previous issues that seem a bit filler. We get a glimpse of Cyborg's current relationship with his father Clark and Diana on a date in secret identity mode and later saving people together mode (with Lois looking on wistfully maybe?) and a bit of a team-up

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  • When I first heard about Amazing Spider-Man ending and being replaced by a new Superior Spider-Man series starring someone other than Peter Parker, my first thought was: maybe they're finally retiring Peter for good. Peter is at a pretty good point in his personal life: he has a good, fulfilling job at Horizon Labs so he doesn't have to miss the bills, Aunt May is well taken care of by Jameson Sr. so he doesn't have to worry about her all the time, and there were even some signs of how he and Mary Jane still cared so deeply for

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  • For some reason I remembered today this D&D roleplaying session with some people a while back (I wasn’t participating, just observing). The party had come into a village tavern looking for information, and there was this tavern wench who was acting a bit suspiciously in their eyes. As she exited the main tavern room (presumably to get more ale or whatever), one of the party members who for some reason was armed with a pitchfork declared that he would stop her from leaving the room by throwing the pitchfork in her path. A couple of disastrous rolls later and the

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  • Well, missed posting about last week's comics due to some technical difficulties with my home computer, let's see if we can't get back on track. There's a lot to look forward to this week on the Marvel side. There's All-New X-Men #4 where we'll finally get to see Cyclops face off with his younger/older self. My other favorite so far of the Marvel NOW! books has the second issue this week: Avengers #2 continues the introductory arc to Jonathan Hickman's Avengers epic, let's see how he handles the large cast he's playing with. Hawkeye #5 (David Aja returns!), Daredevil #21

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  • It's actually kind of a light week this week. There's a couple of Marvel NOW! #1s coming in, and nothing too exciting particularly on the DC side. The #1 I'm most looking forward to the most this week has to be Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena's Avengers #1 (link leads to preview pages). It's a new era for the Avengers as a new creative team takes over from Bendis, and it looks like Hickman will be bringing over his tendency for epic-scale adventures from the Fantastic Four books over to the Avengers franchise. Then we have Amazing Spider-man #699 which

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