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2010 June

  • Free Time

    Aside from my current hiatus, I've taken month-long breaks even when I was still employed. One of the things I most often get asked when I take an extended break from work is "Won't you get bored with all that free time?" This question strikes me as a strange attitude towards free time, as if it were an annoyance to be avoided instead of a resource to be enjoyed. The people who subscribe to this belief are probably the same people who watch TV all the time when at home, or who can't imagine life without having a 9 to

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  • On Working

    I've been meaning to write about why I quit a perfectly good job I had at Azeus, but it's been hard to articulate the reasons, in the same way I found it hard to explain to people why I didn't feel a corporate "9 to 5" was entirely necessary at this point. Then I read a blog post today "Why I Quit A Six Figure Job" which I found to express/coincide with my thoughts pretty well on the upsides and downsides of having a job. When I started working in 2003 I was young and inexperienced and had no idea

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  • The Setup

    A while back I started reading The Setup, which is basically a collection of interviews with various tech/creative guys about what sort of hardware and software they use. I always enjoy this sort of thing -- it feeds my tech envy when they describe cool setups or gadgets I don't have. (A lot of them have Macs!) I actually purchased a new desktop computer a while back without posting any details, so I thought I'd something similar to The Setup so that I have a record of what I'm using now. What Hardware Do You Use? Desktop -- my desktop

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  • Coming Back to Writing

    So the other day I was watching a video of Scott Berkunโ€˜s talk about the future of WordPress: src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="224"> (Go ahead, watch it first if you like, this blog post will still be here when you get back) I loved how he delved into the history of writing itself, not just of WordPress -- harking back to the days of the printing press, etc. We live in such a world of privilege where anyone with an internet connection can easily publish his thoughts and words unto a worldwide audience, and yet for many people writing is a

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