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2009 December

  • Now, this is a bit awkward. One of the side projects that's been in my backlog for a long time has been to work on an improved version of the MTGO Draft Converter at zizibaloob. I thought I would get started on that today, and in fact already had quite a bit of javascript done for the draft widget when I read a new post by Brian David-Marshall over on top8magic and found out that there was already a new draft recorder website: RareDraft. I got myself an invite and tried it out, it has many of the features I

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  • December 17th. It was around 10pm, I was getting off the bus carrying a box of ensaymada in my right hand and using my left hand to make my way down the crowded aisle despite the speed and turbulence of the bus ride. As I alighted off the bus, I felt movement in my left pants pocket, where my wallet was. As soon as my left hand was free I checked to find my wallet missing and looked back accusingly at the mass of unfamiliar faces crowded along the door of the bus. One man whose face I couldn't see

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  • I got tired of having to maintain my own comment moderation system, and I decided against throwing out the django code and going back to wordpress. Instead, I'm migrating the comment system to DISQUS. I love this little mess of django code that's running my blog. I wish I had time to clean it up. But for now, at least I can have a more industrial-strength comment system in place.