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2009 October

  • I was able to chain a sealed event into a number of drafts this weekend. Here's one of my better drafts: Pack 1 pick 1: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 2: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 3: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 4: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 5: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 6: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 7: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 8: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 9: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 10: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 11: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 12: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 13: My Pick: Pack

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  • The following are M10 sealed: Friday Oct 9, 8am Sunday Oct 11, 10pm Friday, Oct 16 6am Sunday, Oct 18 8pm The following are Zendikar sealed: Monday, Nov 9, 1am Friday, Nov 13, 8am Monday, Nov 16, 3am Sunday, Nov 22, 11pm Friday, Nov 27 7am Saturday, Nov 28, 8am Sunday, Nov 29, 9pm Friday, Dec 4, 8am Monday, Dec 6, 1am Monday, Dec 20, 3am Friday, Dec 25, 7am Monday, Dec 27, 3am Good luck to all Pinoys playing in the MTGO PTQs!
  • Want to post decklists online to tweet to your friends? You can use the Decklist Sharing Tool! As an example, here's a recent decklist posted to twitter by Evan Erwin that I converted using the tool: I wish I had more decklists to share, but to be honest, I haven't thought much about Zendikar standard yet =p Update May 2020: The app used to be deployed on Google App Engine, but is no longer available. I've since uploaded the code to Github at
  • I've been meaning to write a nontrivial app using Google App Engine for a while, and here's my first weekend project: Decklist Sharing Tool, an tool for MTG players to share decklists online. I had the decklist parsing and autocarding code available for a while (and used on my MTG related posts), so that part was fairly easy, I got it done under 3 hours I think. The rest of the time (around 5-ish hours) was spent on glue logic, fixing minor bugs, working on HTML layout, cleaning up text, etc. It feels pretty good for a one manday effort,

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