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2009 September

  • As you might have heard, there was a helluva storm in the Philippines yesterday, and I was pretty much stuck at the Titan Hobby Shop for most of the day. Luckily, that meant I get to play in the Zendikar prerelease. My Zendikar prerelease record: 1-3 =/ I had a decent pool and went with a UW build, but I played too loosely and the stars just weren't aligned. My pool was very bad value-wise as well, having mostly "nice" rares like Lullmage Mentor and Lorthos, the Tidemaker. My sealed pool had Blade of the Bloodchief, which I was a

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  • Wanted to try out draft recording, the same method that pinoyraredrafter uses. The below is an ACR draft I tried this morning. I think the deck was decent, although I made a number of questionable picks. I don't have match stories to go along though, I got mana screwed in game 1 then lost a nailbiter in game 3. Pack 1 pick 1: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 2: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 3: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 4: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 5: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 6: My Pick: Pack 1 pick 7: My

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