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2009 May

  • Regionals 2009: Finest Hour *Top 8*

    Last Friday, I was still unsure what to play at Regionals this year, having decided to nix Five-Color Control. Given the cards available, I could easily assemble RDW/Blightning or Chapin's 5-Color Blood. But in the end, I gave in to the hype surrounding Tommy Ashton's PTQ-winning decklist, Bant with Finest Hour: However, due to card availability issues, I didn't have any Dauntless Escorts and only 1 Noble Hierarch. I moved cards around and tried to fit in Vendillion Clique, which would serve as an additional evasive attacker on top of Shorecrasher Mimic and Jhessian Infiltrator, plus a little extra disruption.

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  • Alara Reborn Release

    Alara Reborn is finally available locally! For a while I thought about heading to Baguio for the King of the North tournament, but the fact is I have no standard deck ready at the moment. Besides, I wanted to practice sealed deckbuilding for the upcoming Bangkok GPTs, so this morning I was sleeving up a 40-card deck at Robinson's Galleria. Lands 1 Jungle Shrine 3 Plains 6 Island 5 Swamp Creatures 1 Cloudheath Drake 1 Master of Etherium 1 Fleshbag Marauder 1 Viscera Dragger 1 Sharuum the Hegemon 1 Tower Gargoyle 2 Ethersworn Shieldmage 1 Glassdust Hulk 1 Sanctum Plowbeast

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