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2008 July

  • Wow. Best superhero movie EVER, hands-down.
  • It's been three whole weeks since I last managed to attend a Magic tournament. Despite the hectic work schedule and the fact that spoilers have failed to impress me, I managed to wrangle a Saturday off to hit Robinson's Galleria for the Eventide Prerelease. So we show up early and join the first flight. I open and register a Shadowmoor tournament pack with next to nothing in terms of decent cards. I think the best removal it had was an Aethertow, and none after that. I was glad that usually small set Prereleases required passing the tournament pack. Naturally, after

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  • Changed to Thematic zroytang : yung current na wordpress theme ko parang ang crowded (Anonymous) : baka it's the font... or less ugn spacing zroytang : papagalitan mo ko pag pinalitan ko e zroytang : haha (Anonymous) : haha hindi naman a (Anonymous) : sabihin ko lang na you're fickle like a girl (Anonymous) : haha zroytang : tsk! (Anonymous) : it's nice to be female.. if magpaka-fickle ako, i've an excuse (Anonymous) : if magsungit ako, i've an excuse din (Anonymous) : if i get irrational, meron ulit excuse zroytang : and you can make sexist remarks freely! (Anonymous)

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  • I find myself staring at stacks of old CD-Rs in my room that are just there taking up space. As far as I know, they contain copies of old TV series/anime I used to watch and backups of my old hard drives from time long past. (I'm pretty sure I still have backups of my drive contents from the IRC laboratory in UP.) I'm wondering whether I should bother going through them to check which ones are already useless (as some certainlty already are). If I'm going to rearchive them into a different format it would probably take more than

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  • Wait to see the screenshots at the end! Embedded Video Blogged with the Flock Browser
  • I'm not sure why but I decided to try out the Flock 2 web browser beta, the "social web browser" built on top of Firefox. This is a test actually. Flock's blog post dialog doesn't seem to provide any category support (it supports tags instead), so I want to see what category this post would go under. (Update: Flock let me choose a category after I try to publish the post.) I'm not yet entirely sure what the merits of using Flock are, it seems to be mostly conveniences when using certain webapps. I'm going to try it out for

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