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2008 May

  • The GPT was today: Sunday, 25-May-2008 as Robinson's Galleria. I'm sad that the GPTs are all scheduled on Sundays. The deck I brought: Lands 23 Forest Creatures 3 Elvish Hexhunter 4 Safehold Elite 4 Wren's Run Vanquisher 4 Imperious Perfect 4 Kitchen Finks 4 Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers 3 Jagged-Scar Archers 3 Wilt-Leaf Liege 2 Heartmender 2 Oversoul of Dusk Spells 4 Shield of the Oversoul Sideboard 2 Cloudthresher 2 Chameleon Colossus 4 Mercy Killing 3 Tower Above 2 Primal Command 2 Gleeful Sabotage I felt unsure bringing in this deck (or any other deck actually). I'm walking into a tournament again

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  • I couldn't leave work early again last May 24, so I settled for signing up to a booster draft. Unfortunately, the draft itself didn't go well. I tried going with either red/green or red/black first, but wasn't getting enough good cards. I eventually settled on picking up the many blue fliers that were passing by and eventually ended up in Uw. I was still undecided and still picked from red/black occasionally in pack two until the third pack where I cracked Thistledown Liege. (I also picked Ashenmoor Liege later in the pack). I ended with around 18 R/x cards in

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  • I was neglecting the NDS a bit, so I decided to look for some fun homebrew stuff to do with it. Here are some I tried (You'll need some sort of flashcart to use these. Mine is an R4.): Pocket Physics -- a neat little toy app that allows you to draw diagrams on the touch screen that would then become affected by physics. It's a bit like a free-form The Incredible Machine that's portable. It's a bit of work to get a nice physics model done, but there are some available for download, you can just view the work

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  • Someday I will find a WordPress theme that I could bear with for more than 2-4 weeks. Or I will make one.
  • Chapin makes it to top 8 with an innovative new combo deck that absolutely eats up faeries, but loses in the finals to some Japanese guy with 2/2 dorks out of the board. Edit (May 24 9AM): After six rounds, Chapin is at 3 points (one and five). My new bet is Wafo-Tapa. I hear he's piloting some sort of five-color control.
  • In an attempt to reduce comment spam, I've renamed the comments submission page. This post is to test with comments. [Edit 21-May 10PM] That didn't work at all! Need to look for a good anti-spam plugin.
  • Regionals was today, 18-May. The format was standard and I went to play at Galleria. I have a mixed track record for regionals. During Regionals 2006, I went 1-4-drop with a rogue deck of my own design. During Regionals 2007 I played Korlash/Mishra built by Flores, going 5-and-3. I was debating whether I would even go to play in the tournament, as I was totally unprepared and was quite tired. I figured a straight aggro deck would be fine, as I didn't want to play Reveillark again for the expected nine rounds. I lent out the merfolk deck, so I cobbled together a build of Elves the night before instead: Lands 4 Treetop Village 19 Forest Creatures 4 Llanowar Elves 3 Elvish Hexhunter 3 Riftsweeper 4 Wolf-SKull Shaman 4 Wren's Run Vanquisher 4 Imperious Perfect 4 Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers 3 Jagged-Scar Archers 3 Wilt-Leaf Liege Spells 3 Tower Above 2 Overrun Sideboard 3 Tormod's Crypt 3 Primal Command 3 Kitchen Finks 2 Cloudthresher 2 Squall Line 2 Chameleon Colossus

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  • An alpha release was just announced for Open Office 3. Being an Ubuntu user, Open Office is really the only sane choice I have for an office suite. At work I'm using Microsoft Office 2007. Among the office suite applications, I'm most of a power user for the spreadsheet applications. Here's my side-by-side comparison of Excel and oOo Calc: Microsoft Excel 2007 on Windows XP: Looks really pretty. Loads up quickly. Proprietary and expensive. Not available for Linux. OpenOffice Calc 2.4.1 on Ubuntu: Feature-rich -- has some features that excel does not. I can have a sandwich in the time it's loading. Free as in speech, and as in beer too! Usability issues, such as inconveniently prompting a dialog box on every delete. (This is logged in their database as bug # 9392. There's a workaround, but hopefully it will be fixed by default in Open Office 3) Autofilter feature is immature compared to Excel, not enough options for filtering. It can open a password-protected XLS correctly (prompting me for the password), but it can't save it back with the password. I was going to complain about the UI, but now that I've thought better of it, it's no worse than other GTK/Linux apps.

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  • Part 1. Part 2. Moonglove Winnower template is currently live on Roy on Magic. I made several color and formatting changes since the last update. Relatively easy due to the stylesheet. I also had to scrap the CSS hack for implementing equal height columns, it was causing problems with anchors in the URL. I went with a 1-pixel high background image instead. Currently most of the PHP logic/heavy lifting is done in sidebar.php while most of the formatting stuff is handled in the stylesheet. Since I'm copying from an existing template and not creating one from scratch, I didn't actually

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  • I'm not sure how popular or well-known Beerkada is among the non-UP crowd, but right now I consider the slice-of-University-life comic (that has now graduated into slice-of-adult-life stories) probably the second best local comic strip. First place being of course the seminal Pugad Baboy, which has been running what, almost twenty years now? I digress. If you've read Beerkada, it's far from perfect. It's often corny, and sometimes he has too many of his own in-jokes. In the early strips, the author Lyndon Gregorio often blatantly rips jokes from other sources. I'm not surprised it hasn't received as much mainstream

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  • Due to an increased workload, as of Friday night I was still totally unprepared for Block Constructed. I decided to skip the Shadowmoor Block Inaugural tournament yesterday, but I still showed up in the afternoon at Galleria to look for cards. Luckily, there was a draft signup so I went ahead and gambled some money on my supposed skills in Limited. After waiting some 3-4 hours for the draft signup to reach 8 people, we got started. I always carry a pair of scissors in my bag now since I'm really bad at opening packs when my hands get sweaty.

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  • The tournament was yesterday, May 03, Standard at Robinson's Galleria. I was planning to play Green-White midrange, as documented on Deckbuilding for an Unknown Metagame.

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