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2008 April

  • Deck Building for an Unknown Metagame

    This coming weekend is the release of Shadowmoor. As with any new set coming in, this means a new environment with an unknown metagame, and is especially true for the large set Shadowmoor. It’s an opportunity for those of us who believe we have some modicum of deck-building skills. I plan to be playing Standard on Saturday, one day after set release so I will try to build a deck to take advantage of the wide open field.

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  • Shadowmoor Sneak Peek

    In the Philippines, the Sneak Peak serves as our release party, and the format is the same as the prerelease: Four rounds of sealed, each win gets you a Shadowmoor booster pack. 4-0 wins a Shadowmoor deck box. The sealed pool I opened and registered was a mediocre pile with limited removal and rares like Rage Reflection, Reaper King, Vexing Shusher and Demigod of Revenge. This not being the prerelease, the pools were shuffled around after registration.

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  • Sunday Distractions

    For all of my working life I've gotten used to sitting at a workstation where I do not have regular internet access. So while I've often read a lot of those articles about how to maintain focus, I've never actually realized how difficult it was until I brought home a bunch of work-related reading material to catch up on. Yes, I tried to read boring work-related stuff on an internet-enabled machine. Wonder how much progress I managed?

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  • Pasmado

    Pasmado is a term generally well-known among Filipinos. It refers to a condition of excessive sweating and/or trembling in the hands and/or feet. The concept is so well-known among Filipinos that it has developed several old wives' tales of its' own, such as the ever-popular solution of peeing on your hands first thing in the morning to get rid of the conditions. I am pasmado. Sometimes at least, especially when under stress or it's really, really humid. The reason I got to thinking about it was that I finally realized it was affecting the way I play in Magic tournaments.

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  • Tournament was last April 6 2008 at NG Galleria, with 3 formats: Block, Standard and Extended. I was thinking of playing block but shifted to standard at the last minute because I only had one Mutavault. This was deck I assembled on Saturday: Lands 4 Faerie Conclave 19 Island Creatures 4 Tideshaper Mystic 4 Lord of Atlantis 4 Merfolk Reejerey 4 Stonybrook Banneret 4 Silvergill Adept 2 Sower of Temptation Spells 4 Ancestral Vision 4 Sage's Dousing 4 Delay 3 Psionic Blast Sideboard 4 Rune Snag 4 Flash Freeze 3 Surgespanner 2 Sower of Temptation 2 Voidmage Prodigy Of course

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