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2007 September

  • Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the AM flights yesterdat, so I hung around Galleria for a few hours watching people play. A lot of people seemed to be playing blue or green stuff. There are people saying Needle Drop is good, what? Just because it cantrips? My flight manages to start around 4 PM, and I open the sealed pool I'm registering. The first two rares I see are Jace Beleren and Chandra Nalar! Holy crap! It means of course, that I have to pass this pool. (That always happens when I get really good bombs) Anyway, I get

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  • Lorwyn prerelease in two days, and of course MTG Salvation is spoiler-complete. Some thoughts on cards: Thoughtseize -- B Sorcery (Rare) Target player reveals his or her hand. Choose a nonland card from it. That player discards that card. You lose 2 life. My take: Undercosted cards that demand a 2 life payment are usually pretty good. (See: Shocklands, Char, Psionic Blast, Vampiric Tutor). Thoughtseize is widely anticipated to be the chase rare of the set, with pre-order prices starting at a staggering 17.50 USD. That seems bit too high for a utility spell though, so I'm not going

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  • The full spoiler is of course now available at MtgSalvation; I'll talk about planeswalkers first. Each planeswalker is rare and has 3 abilities: a normal attack, a special move, and a finishing move. Ajani Goldmane 2ww Planeswalker -- Ajani +1: You gain 2 life -1: Put a +1/+1 counter on each creature you control. Those creatures gain vigilance until end of turn. -6: Put a white Avatar creature token into play with "This creature's power and toughness are each equal to your life total. Loyalty: 4 My take: Unlike every other planeswalker, resolving Ajani's "finishing move" does not guarantee a

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  • My reading lately has comprised of Orson Scott Card's excellent Ender's Game series. I got a copy of six of the books from an officemate a couple of months back, and I've just finished the seventh book today. I don't usually go through books that quickly, so it's a sign that I've really enjoyed this series. (If I don't enjoy a series, I typically lose interest before even finishing the book -- I have a copy of Sword of Shannara around here to prove that.) The books are more-or-less sci-fi, the first book Ender's Game taking place in a "near

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  • I played at an FNM for the first time last Friday, in a cramped room at the back of the Neutral Grounds in Galleria. It was definitely... different than the usual weekend tournaments. I mean people playing Rhox different. Asking whether equip costs needed to be paid every turn different. Not that I'm picking on noobs or anything; it was all fun and refreshing. Everything was a lot more casual than the highly competitive PTQs or GPTs. I brought the Rakdos deck of course, seeing as how that was the only standard deck I had built for weeks now. I

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  • I'm planning to write more about Magic, so I created a separate space for that. All MtG-related posts are moved there.
  • Obviously, I've started playing a lot of Magic since last year. I've been a long-time player, having started around the time of Revised more than twelve years ago, but I've never seriously started playing in tournaments in such until I had a job, which meant more money to spend on Magic (also meant less free time though =/) As anyone who has immersed himself in this game knows, Magic is an addictive experience. When you're in the thick of it you're always thinking of new decks, card interactions, etc. hopefully to make yourself a better player. Lately I've been thinking

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  • It's my first time playing at BCI Greenhills. During deck registration, I open a Damnation and a Graven Cairns. If I got up then, I'd have gotten my money's worth. But I didn't come here to buy a Damnation, I came here to play. My sealed deck: Lands 8 Mountains 7 Forest 1 Swamp 1 Terramorphic Expanse 1 Kher Keep Creatures 1 Gemhide Sliver 1 Thornweald Archer 1 Thallid Germinator 1 Citanul Woodreaders 1 Giant Dustwasp 1 Durkwood Baloth 1 Basalt Gargoyle 1 Coal Stoker 1 Two-headed Sliver 1 Bonesplitter Sliver 1 Sedge Sliver 1 Gathan Raiders 1 Scourge of

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  • When you get off at the SM North station, there are always a million people lining up at the entry turnstiles (where you insert your ticket before exiting the station). The outermost lines are always the slowest ones, because effectively three to four lines of people are trying to use that line. To save time, instead use one of the innermost lines.
  • This weekend was the first of three "Pre-Lorwyn Triple Treats" at Neutral Ground, featuring Saturdays with three tournaments: one each of Standard, Block Constructed and Legacy. I tried preparing a deck for block but I couldn't come up with anything consistent enough. Lazily, I just picked up the Standard Rakdos deck the day before the tourney, tweaked the sideboard for the inevitable TarmoRack decks (-4 Bottle Gnomes +4 Dodecapod). I lacked a 15th sideboard card, so I toss in a random Seize the Soul. (I need to go to the office really early in order to be able to play)

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  • Maya: SuPer-Admin Restricted Desktop Access password-protected!? What!? This is madness! Phoenix: No, Maya, that is SPARDA.
  • Yeah, I actually did play at the Standard Open at Trinoma Mall a couple of weekends ago, but my performance was so piss-poor I didn't bother writing a report. Long and short of it, I played Rakdos, but didn't have time to look for Rain of Gores for the board. They would have really helped against the two Angelfire losses I got in rounds 3 and 5, including the one where the opponent drew all four Lightning Helixes :/ The decks record against Angelfire decks is something 1-3 I believe. Good ol' Dark Confidant even dealt me 20 damage in

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