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2007 August

  • Abundance and Scarcity

    When at home or at the office, if I ever get a craving for something to snack on I can usually find some easily. At home I just go down to the kitchen and check the ref or the cupboards. At the office, there's always the pantry or those people you know that usually store some snacks. If I need something, I can get it fairly easily. This is something of an abundance situation. By contrast, for the two weeks I was in HK, I had no snacks. None at all. I literally ate only three meals a day and

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  • Back Home

    My first day of work back home, and I'm immediately greeted by a powerful storm and terrible traffic jams. I love this country πŸ™‚
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  • Announcing PyMTG

    I couldn't sleep, so obviously, I had to start a new personal project. PyMTG I was inspired after forum-browsing lead me to look at existing MTG open-source software. I've been thinking of starting a true-blue personal software project for a while now, and the idea of PyMTG appeals to me for several reasons: (a) It's related to one of my current hobbies (b) Allows me to become familiar with a new language (Python) (c) It's moderately to insanely difficult (depending on how well I set my targets), i.e. it's of a scale large enough to be challenging. The wiki page

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  • First Birthday Outside the Country

    Check. Yeap, I turned 29 a couple of days ago. There's a typhoon signal no. 8 over HK right now as I type this. For people in the Philippines, that's hard to imagine since our local indicators only go up to storm signal no. 4. But it's really a bit calm where I am right now, some wind but not much rain. I'm not inclined to go out though, I'm running out of clothes as it is. I'm flying back next Tuesday, hopefully the storm has dissipated by then. I miss my own bed. :p
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  • The official title is quite long. Actually, the English Title for Gyakuten Saiban 3 is even worse! Ace Attorney is an awesome series, I finally got around to playing the second game since the third one is scheduled for an English NDS release in September. I started playing the day I arrived in HK -- so I beat the game in six days. Justice for All is a more difficult game than the original, putting the title character in more difficult situations, and making it a lot more tedious to β€˜cheat' with the save file. The first 3 cases were

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  • Hong Kong Saga, Part Three

    It's a bit strange, but somehow Hong Kong is becoming a bit familiar to me by now. This is only my third time here of course, and I've spent less than five weeks here in total since 2004. Still I find that certain things like ordering at restaurants and riding the MTR have started to become a bit more "normal" for me. Originally when I was told that I would be staying in HK for two weeks, I was a bit depressed, as I didn't really enjoy the prolonged stay last time. Hong Kong is not a particularly exciting place

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