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2007 July

  • Rich Internet Applications

  • Brush with the Law

    A friend of mine, let's call her "C", was waiting for a taxi near her home. There were several other people there waiting for taxis but she had been there first. She finally managed to hail a cab and had already gotten in the back seat when an MMDA traffic guy [0] stopped her and told her that he had hailed that taxi for two women nearby that he pointed to. C said she was the one who had hailed the taxi, but the traffic guy politely but firmly insisted that she get out of the car. Indignant, C took

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  • I Suck At Standard

    Just to make it, y'know, official: I suck at Standard. I played in two Nationals qualifiers over the past two weekends. The first one with the Mishra deck (Flores' Legends of Team CMU) to a disappointing 4-3 finish in a sea of Angelfire, Solar Flare and Gruul. Disappointed with the decks performance, I took a look at the result of Australian Nationals that same weekend, and decided to play the Rakdos "Satanic Sligh" build that had won that event in today's qualifier, which was incidentally the last one I could play given my schedule. I guess I wasn't the only

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  • links for 2007-07-28

    SlideRocket (tags: flex) Demo of Virtual Ubiquity's Buzzword web word processor recorded by Dan Bricklin (tags: flex) Picnik -- Photo Editing Webapp (tags: flex) [Note 2020 Jan] all delicious links have been imported into the links list
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  • links for 2007-07-23

    YouTube -- Algorithm March with Prisoners The inmates at a prison in Cebu perform the Algorithm March from Pythagoras Switch (tags: music weird pinoy) YouTube -- "Thriller" The inmates at a prison in Cebu perform the "Thriller" video. This has got to be a really entertaining prison. (tags: music weird pinoy) Gang Kidnaps Gamer to Get Password Using Fake Orkut Date -- Gizmodo Oh those crazy lawless Brazilian gamers! (tags: games funny) β€” Your source of shocking insights on game design Β» Playing to Win Index Sirlin's book "Playing to Win" can be read for free on his website.

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  • Magic Game Day

    Today is of course the release of Magic's Xth edition, Magic Game Day. As usual, I played at Neutral Grounds in Galleria. Helluva lot of people there, more than I was expecting for a Core Set Release tournament. The format is, as usual, Sealed Deck with four rounds of Swiss pairings. Players were grouped in Flights of 32 people each (previous prerelease tournaments had 48-people flights), each win gets you an Xth booster pack and the top 2 of each flight (the ones who went 4-0) get something extra. Apparently the extra prizes were stuff like a bag, a shirt

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  • Bad Day Perspective

    Some days just don't go very well. You wake up with a mild headache. Your bed demands that you stay just a few minutes longer. Your computer refuses to work correctly. You have no energy. Every task assigned to you seems to be something you'd rather not do. You find out some people hate you. You get drenched in rain on the way home. You arrive home and feel completely useless, thinking you've done nothing today. I was planning to write about how I had a bad day, but then the above paragraph got out of hand. Exaggerated even. I

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  • Transformers

    As a big Transformers fan back in the day, I have to say: the movie is okay. Action-packed and a fun popcorn flick. The story's nothing to win an oscar over, but everything looks SO COOL! Some questionable things though: (Spoilers) Why does the all-spark only create violent, gun-toting robots? Where the hell did the Autobots come from? I don't recall seeing the Decepticon symbol anywhere, was it there? How come Soundwave can survive getting his head chopped off, but Jazz can't take being split in half? Hell of a movie.
  • PTQ Valencia 2007-06-30 @ NG Galleria

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