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2007 May

  • Amazingly, I went more than two whole months using only Ubuntu at home since one of my RAM sticks got busted and Windows refused to boot. Luckily, I have a dual boot computer, with Ubuntu as my alternative OS. Ubuntu is pretty awesome. As a Windows replacement, it does most of the things you need without much problem. It has two distinct advantages over Windows: The Debian package distribution mechanism is just great. Virtually everything you need is provided and can be installed easily. In Windows, every single program decides how it wants to be installed. The customizability of the

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  • (edit 24-Dec-2008: Imported decklist from the wiki, removed the dead link below, anchor tag retained for posterity) Lands 20 Swamp 3 Blood Crypt Creatures 4 Korlash, Heir to Blackblade 4 Dimir House Guard 4 Dark Confidant 3 Withered Wretch 2 Detritivore Spells 2 Grim Harvest 3 Damnation 1 Persecute 2 Demonfire 4 Tendrils of Corruption 4 Sudden Death 4 Rakdos Signet Bearing the deck I've named "the mightiest deck in the universe", I got the following results: Round 1: 2-0 win vs UB Teferi control w Curse of the Cabal Round 2: 1-2 loss vs BG aggro w 3 Persecute

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  • Before actually going to the elections last Monday, I played some Limited-format Magic last Sunday at Galleria. The format was Time Spiral Block Sealed, and I was feeling good. I opened a card pool with no outstanding rares. The only real bomb was the red uncommon Pyrohemia. Spotting the Deep-Sea Kraken and wanting to play it, I decided to go red-blue. I tested the build for a few minutes before realizing it completely stunk and had very few creatures. I looked over the card pool and quickly realized I had overlooked some quality green fatties: Nacatl War-Pride, Durkwood Baloth, Sporesower

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  • Ban the distribution of sample ballots and election paraphernalia on election day within the vicinity of voting precincts. Seriously, check out the amount of trash generated on election day near the precinct: And I noted that the current level of trash is already an improvement from last year! In Quezon City at least, the local government seems to have been able to keep people from plastering campaign posters all over the place (relatively), so banning campaign materials on election day should not be too much of a stretch. Disallow the usage of candidates' nicknames for voting. If you are any

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  • I still don't know how I am voting on Monday. Or even if I am voting at all. I'm thinking of voting for those 3 guys from Kapatiran, simply to reward the sheer chutzpah of their candidacies. The GO and TU coalitions seem largely irrelevant to me, you can be fairly sure those coalitions won't mean squat after the elections, so all these surveys keeping score of administration vs opposition seem a bit useless. I'm no lover of the GMA administration, but the opposition's offerings don't leave a very good taste in the mouth either. I'd much rather bring in

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  • I bought a new phone yesterday. At the recommendation of my brother, I got one from the Nokia N-series, the Nokia N73. As a relatively recent smartphone release, it cost quite a chunk of cash. I was having second thoughts for a while, because I'm almost never comfortable parting with a significant amount of cash. If I'm going to spend more than a week's salary on something, it better provide me with a decent amount of entertainment I was also hesitant, because I didn't really need a new phone. It's not like I'm the type of guy that buys shiny

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  • Pretty good movie, as expected. The story is what you'd expect from a comic-book movie, but the mid-air fight scenes are really great. The whole Sandman thing is basically fluff, the movie could have been done without him. He was like a cheap pop to make the whole "dark side" thing easier to start off, but then they had trouble resolving his story. It's not like he's a major Spidey villain anyway. Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom... that would have been good enough for a trilogy of Spidey movies, all the major bad guys covered. J. Jonah Jameson is funny

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  • So, I was there in the taxi with my youngest brother Brian. And I brought up the topic of the noontime TV show Wowowee, which we had just seen about half an hour of before we got in the taxi. I told him that I thought of it as a really terrible show. Sure, poor people win relatively-large cash prizes and stuff from it, but it feels so exploitative. Hundreds, maybe thousands of poor folk from god-knows-how-far-away queue up outside the studios every day hoping to get into the studio audience to participate in the cash giveaways. There are probably

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