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2007 March

  • links for 2007-03-26

    Desktop Tower Defense Okay, I wasted about an hour of my time playing this. On easy mode. And I couldn't finish it. I suck on tower defense. (tags: flash games web-games) How-to: Installing Ubuntu Linux on a usb pendrive | Debian/Ubuntu Tips & Tricks (tags: howto linux usb) [Note 2020 Jan] all delicious links have been imported into the links list
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  • links for 2007-03-25

    Chiz Escudero Real Ultimate Facts!!! (tags: politics ) Coding Horror: Top 6 List of Programming Top 10 Lists (tags: programming ) [Note 2020 Jan] all delicious links have been imported into the links list
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  • So Many Bad Plays

    Under Development Standard @ NG Galleria 24-Mar-2007 Lands 4 Breeding Pool 3 Stomping Ground 1 Steam Vents 2 Mountain 7 Island 5 Forest 1 Skargg, the Rage Pits Creatures 3 Plaxmanta 3 Sulfur Elemental 3 Giant Solifuge 4 Fathom Seer 2 Mystic Snake 2 Vesuvan Shapeshifter 1 Brine Elemental Spells 2 Demonfire 3 Research // Development 3 Search for Tomorrow 4 Farseek 3 Think Twice 4 Remand Sideboard 3 Krosan Grip 2 Detritivore 2 Tormod's Crypt 2 Electrolyze 2 Serrated Arrows 2 Pyroclasm This deck is named "Under Development" because I basically threw it together two days ago with almost

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  • links for 2007-03-21

    Understanding Your Intelligence -- The Best Resources | I want to read all of those... (tags: lifehacks) [Note 2020 Jan] all delicious links have been imported into the links list
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  • 300

    Mostly due to my antisocial nature and my laziness, I haven't actually seen a movie in a theater since... forever. I broke that fast mostly because of the hype surround 300, the movie based on Frank Miller's comic book retelling of the Battle at Thermopylae. Everyone who's seen the movie has the same thing to say: it's really good. So I went to see it with a brother of mine. And it was good. Really good. The highlights of the movie are the very impressive battle scenes (which is like 90% of the movie), with awesome usage of slow-motion to

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  • The Miracle PC

    My computer died last night, refusing to boot. Ubuntu would complain of being unable to read the root filesystem. Windows XP would say that there's a corrupted DLL. I immediately arranged to borrow both an Ubuntu LiveCD and a Windows XP install disk the next day to help check the problem. When I got home today, the computer had been miraculously fixed. My brother said he'd been using it no problem. I knew before that the internet had the capacity to heal itself. I'm surprised my PC also this capacity. I have no idea if I need to do any

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  • Searching for Direction

    I'm sure a lot of people have experienced it, the feeling of being adrift, directionless. Just living your life day in and day out not knowing where you're going or why. Maybe not everybody though, as I've met quite a few people who seem quite content with the monotony of their lives, doing the same thing day in and day out, never bothering to overcome the inertia of their daily lives. Lately, I've been afraid that I've already become one of those people. My current lifestyle, such as it is, has been quite satisfactory for quite a while, and I

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  • What Kind of Enterpreneur Am I?

    Your Entrepreneur Type: The Geek You are smart and insightful and you enjoy solving interesting problems and technology for their own sakes. Entrepreneurial strengths: academic and / or technical brilliance comfortable with the abstract obsession with new technology Entrepreneurial weaknesses: expertise tends to be quite narrow difficulty with people personality may not be forceful enough to lead problems you may want to solve may not have a significant market From Idiot Startup
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