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2007 January

  • Post Part I: This being my first week back to work after a month-long hiatus, I inevitably get the usual sort of questions people ask when you get back from a vacation: "Hey, where did you go?" "Do you have any pasalubong?" (souvenirs) "So, what did you do for one month?" I'm amused by how very few people seem to get the fact that I didn't do "anything" in particular over the break. I did a hundred million things, maybe. I dunno. I didn't keep track. I read a few books, wiped quite a few TV episodes off my backlog,

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  • Played yesterday at Galleria. With a whole bunch of people: three from the Zu crowd and I think five or six from the office. Insane number of people, as expected. I got there about ten minutes after the mall opened (I came from work), and I was already preregistered, but I only got to sign up for the sixth flight (Flight F). They had to buy extra tables from a nearby Office Warehouse. I finally got to crack open packs around 12:30PM. Only bomb in my sealed deck pool was an Avatar of Woe, but my black was too weak

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  • I'm going to try out a new feed aggregator for a while -- NewsHutch. Don't get me wrong, Bloglines is nice and all, but one gets tired of the UI after a while. NewsHutch looks... nice. And don't get me started on Google Reader... that one is slow as molasses. (I added it to my Google Customized Homepage though, maybe that makes it better)
  • Since I'm going back to work starting on Saturday, I thought I'd try to look for ways to improve my productivity at work. I've downloaded a few utilities that I can try at work to see if it can improve my workflow. The first one is SlickRun. Basically it's a Start -> Run replacement -- press a predefined hotkey and a small command line tool appears where I can type shortcut-like commands. One of the features I liked while using Kubuntu was something similar -- I think it was called Katapult. It sorts of automates an old trick I was

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  • The original is here. Yeah, I didn't like the header image so I removed it. I'm tired of moving themes around, so I'll settle on this for a while. Simple and clean. I'll just fuss around with the plugins later. And yeah, I'm also changing the categories around. There should be a plugin to search posts and assign multiple posts to new categories at the same time. My vacation time is almost up... I still have too many things to watch...
  • I played the same deck again this past weekend, but I forgot to name it "Nameless Deck Wins" this time, so I posted a much worse record. =( I went 2-3-drop, with the losses all going to aggro decks (2 Boros, 1 KarstenBot). The Boros matchup is winnable, but really tight, with no room for error. Anyway, with Planar Chaos coming out, my colors (Red/Green/Black) look like they're getting a good boost, so hopefully I can further improve this deck. And hopefully think of a better name.
  • I'm testing the Extreme Video Plugin for WordPress, and I thought, what better way to do so than to further propagate the extreme music videos of Ok Go. Some of the new guys at the office performed the above dance as their Christmas initiation... er, presentation, and let me tell you, the audience was on its' feet. Ok Go is an American band that is known for outrageous live performances like the above. The above video is their own song, "A Million Ways." They have another video for another song, involving treadmills. It's said that they did that treadmill

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  • I've been meaning to write more about my time in Hong Kong. One of the many new things I experienced there was the food. People who've eaten out with me on a regular basis know that I'm quite the picky eater. In general, I dislike eating veggies and seafood (yeah, I'm an unhealthy carnivore). In Hong Kong, you cannot avoid vegetables and seafood; every meal comes with some form of green stuff or shrimp or whatnot. I'm almost always eating out with the HK colleagues, and since I'm a guest in their country, they'll always invite me to taste everything.

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  • Wow. It took me three months to finish FF12! Fun game, weak story. No strong lead character to carry the game. Gameplay is very MMORPG-like. The grinding was ok, but they could've done some quests like WoW to make it better. I'll fight the optional bosses someday. Will I play the next FF game? Don't know. Time is the most difficult factor, as it demands a lot. Took me about 65 hours to finish this one, playing 3-4 hours a day after I came back from Hong Kong. I don't think that's a feasible schedule once work starts up again.
  • I played the following decklist last Saturday at NG Galleria, giving it the incredibly clever name "Nameless Deck Wins" Creatures 4 Birds of Paradise 3 Llanowar Elves 4 Spike Feeder 4 Yavimaya Dryad 3 Giant Solifuge 4 Call of the Herd Spells 3 Demonfire 4 Cryoclasm 4 Mwonvuli Acid-moss 4 Hit // Run 1 Krosan Grip Lands 3 Stomping Ground 3 Overgrown Tomb 3 Blood Crypt 1 Karplusan Forest 1 Molten Slagheap 2 Gemstone Mine 2 Gruul Turf 1 Desert 1 Pendlehaven 5 Forest Sideboard 4 Strangling Soot 2 Fortune Thief 2 Persecute 2 Rain of Gore 2 Krosan Grip

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  • Yeah, I still have quite a bit of vacation to go. Might as well spruce up this website a bit. Move things around here and there, you know the drill. A work in progress of course, as always. I hope I don't screw things up too badly. Better backup WordPress...
  • I upgraded my Kubuntu Linux installation to Edgy Eft during the Christmas break. Some notes: Why can't there be a one-click install? You know, some pop-up alert bubble in the corner saying "A new version of Kubuntu is available." I don't see why the user needs to edit the sources.list file, do the apt-get stuff, etc., when all of this can basically be automated away. Except for one thing, I can do everything I need to do using Kubuntu instead of using Windows. Unfortunately, that one thing I cannot do is something that I do a lot: gaming. Unfortunately, I'm

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  • This year, I resolve to find more direction. That being said, I'm kind of behind already. I usually manage a total cleanup of all the stuff in my room before the New Year. This year? Not even close. At least I have an additional 3 weeks of vacation to finish everything. Review of last year's resolution: "I will try more new things this year" : I'd say that's a resounding success. Especially with the trip to Hong Kong, I think I ate more new food there than I have during the past five years or so. Yay for me.