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2006 October

  • I was holding off on buying the sixth installment of the Dark Tower until I could find a printing which matched the previous five books, but as I was browsing through the new Fully Booked at SM North I felt a compulsive urge to buy *something*, and lo and behold, Stephen King was on the shelf right beside me! As usual, the tale of Roland and his party on their quest for the Dark Tower is quite the page-turner, especially since this particular piece of fiction intersects with the real world in an intruiging way... the author himself, Stephen King,

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  • This series is simple awesome. The writing is excellent, and the fact they're using a lot of precognition implies how well the entire series should tie together. Hiro continues to be the shining star here. Future Hiro's appearance promises us several things, namely: Hiro will eventually stop being so dorky. And he'll get a sword! Hiro will eventually learn to speak English well Peter will eventually get a scar In some future episode, they have to show us what happened to prompt Future Hiro's sojourn to the past TV just keeps getting better. Between Heroes and other series like 24,

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  • I wish I had a camera right now so I could post a picture of it, but yeah, I now have a brand-new 19-inch widescreen LCD monitor on my desk. Wow, I have so much space! Both physical space and desktop space! I came home at past 12 midnight last night and was so sleepy I would have immediately went into a catatonic sleep had my brother not brought home and installed this new monitor. I pretty much had to play WoW for a few hours on it first. As my friend said, "It's the law!" In other news, I

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  • Awesome thing for old-school gamers -- CGW has made available PDFs of their first 100 issues here. It's fun to read reviews and insights about old games. Ah, and the ads! I like seeing old ads for some strange reason.
  • Yesterday at NG Galleria. My record for this event was 4-3, running B/G with red splash. I initially thought red was very weak in TS limited, but as I got to the end of the tourney I found myself splashing more and more red cards. Bogardan Rager in particular I underestimated. At least I can somehow feel my skill level improving. There's this guy who's beaten me two tourneys in a row now, both with edge-of-the-seat wins decided in a single turn. I found out later he's currently in the top 10 limited players in the country by ranking. All

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  • I predicted it as soon as I saw one of those DS thingies: "If I bought one of those, I'd lose the stylus within a month." I didn't even get to three whole weeks without losing it. =/ The stylus should have a little rope tying it to the DS.
  • Soul Kerfuffle: The View From the Top Funny, just before I read this blog post, I was thinking about how I didn't really have time for WoW. I've never gotten to 60, so I don't know how addictive the end game is. But is it really all raiding? I don't think I'd be able to devote 12+ hours on weekends for raids. 3-4 hours maybe, but 12 hours? Well, my brother just hit 60 recently, so I suppose I should ask him after a few weeks what it's like. But then again, I'm the sort of person that likes multitasking,

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  • I'md reading a new one: Rob and Elliot: A webcomic updated Mondays and Fridays. Via Shortpacked.
  • A friend of mine at work once commented to me that I ask the silliest questions. When I'm a bit bored at the office, I will sometimes throw random meaning-of-life questions at them. things like: "If you had a time machine, what would you do with it?" "IF you were president, what would you do about [thing]?" "What's your most impossible dream?" "If you could vanish right now, where would you go?" "What kind of superpower would you want to have?" I wonder if I really am silly. But these are the sort of things I think about when my

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  • Played four 4-man drafts last night, opening 2 boxes. Some interesting draft archetypes: White Weenie -- easy. If you get a Celestial Crusader early this is a good choice. Black Weenine -- a bit tougher, you have to get a bad moon early Slivers -- W/U combinations focus on board lock down and pinging to win. R/G combinations focus on acceleration and beatdown. Thallids -- tedious and slow. Don't do it. If you keep getting passed Sporesowers it may be viable, or if you open an early Thelon. The Thalld Shell-Dweller is an excellent early blocker. The Deathspore Thallid is

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  • QUALCOMM Press Center -- QUALCOMM Launches Project in Collaboration with Mozilla Foundation to Develop Open Source Version of Eudora Email Program --link Wow. Eudora was my email client of choice back in the day, when webapps were still so much crappier. I suppose they realized so many people had switched to using either GMail or Thunderbird, that they had to do something to make their product relevant. My favorite thing about Eudora was that their client would have a stats page; it literally tracks the amount of time you spend reading and writing email, the average amount of mail you

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  • Mario Kart -- it's Mario Kart! Yay! Although we now have six DS owners at the office, we haven't yet had time to pull off a six-player race. I'm pretty sure it will be insane though. Brain Age -- mildly nerdy, strngely addictive. It's not so much a game, more of a series of mental training exercises. Too bad the speaking portion doesn't easily recognize my voice (and/or my accent) Pac Pix -- the sort of innovative game we should be expecting from Nintendo. Draw Pac-man using a stylus to catch the Ghosts. The sort of thing you wouldn't be

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  • One would think the Nintendo DS, with it's unique dual-screen layout and styles usage would not be that vulnerable to piracy. You'd be wrong though.
  • I left work early yesterday with the intent of playing in the Time Spiral release tourney at Galleria. The product arrived late though, and Switch and I had to wander around Galleria for half a day before the tourney was able to begin. As witnessed in the prerelease, Time Spiral seems to be immensely popular, which means high demand and low supply of boosters for the general public. And for good reason: Time Spiral is awesome, and provides an incredibly fun (and sometimes technical) limited environment. What it will do for Standard is another matter, but since I'm primarily a

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  • My brother's back from HK tonight, so we got some new stuff. I get a 1gig Toshiba usb flash drive (my previous one was only a 256MB), and a Nintendo DS. First time playing Mario Kart since the frickin' SNES! Woot!
  • Heroes is a new TV series by NBC, covering the stories of several people who mysteriously gain superhuman powers. I just saw the pilot... it looks promising. There's this lady who strips online for a living, and apparently she has a murderous reflection. A guy who thinks he can fly. A painter who can create paintings of future events -- but only if he's high. A schoolgirl with an incredible healing factor. And my favorite -- a Japanese guy who wants to be a superhero and believes he's gained the ability to bend time and space. He's "Super Hiro"! The

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  • I don't really read a lot of webcomics. Well, at least not as many as some people. I generally prefer the ones with feeds. Here are the ones I follow that don't have feeds. That is, I like them well enough to bother hitting their website to check for new comics. Sinfest -- awesome. It's like a mature Calvin and Hobbes. Only with a talking pig instead of a tiger. And ninjas. And God! Real Life -- gaming-related webcomic. Despite it's title, has nothing to do with Real Life at all. 8-bit Theatre -- gaming-related webcomic. I think this was

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  • Yeah, Season Six started last week. The ending of season five was pretty bleak -- Zod had taken over Lex Luthor's body, Clark had been banished to the phantom zone, the whole world's power grids had been shut down and Martha Kent and Lois Lane are on a plane that's about to crash. I was expecting some sort of multi-episode saga at the start of season six, maybe detailing more of Kyrpton's history (throught the phantom zone) and an epic battle of Zod-Lex vs Clark. Instead, what do we get? A series of somewhat-badly-written-and-quite-unlikely coincidences gives the humans a chance

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  • Or any other fast food place really. There are a lot of people like me who view having to line up and pay for your food as a rather large inconvenience. If you're one of us, consider the following guidelines. Know what you're going to order. Don't be one of those annoying people who chats with all her friends while they're waiting in line, then when they get up to the front of the line they spend 15 minutes discussing various options with the guy behind the counter. Walking up to the counter without knowing what you're going to order

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