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2006 July

  • I was busy this weekend with Magic: The Gathering. Four of us from the office played at a Nationals Qualifer today at Galleria. I played a custom-built aggro-control blue-white beauty called Azorius-12. Considering that I threw it together at practically the last minute, I think I did fairly well (but not enough to get the Nationals invite). Large turnout; rumor has it more than a hundred and thirty players participated, and NG quickly ran out of chairs and tables to use. Edit 24-Dec-2008: Decklist migrated from the wiki, removed dead link above (anchor tag retained for posterity): Azorius-12 Creatures 4

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  • One of the first things I assume when I have headaches is that, "Maybe I'm developing telepathic powers." At least, I would assume that people developing telepathic powers have some sort of growing pains that could be misconstrued as headaches. Unfortunately, I still don't seem to have such powers and the head pains and dizziness I've been experiencing since Friday were just a sympton of something far more common -- seems I got the flu, known in local parlance as trangkaso. This has not been a particularly good weekend anyway. Since Saturday morning, this computer I have in my room

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