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2006 June

  • Nice post on Salary Averages Comparison over at the Pinoy Tech Blog. It got me thinking about my own job. I work at a foreign-based software development company that caters to clients outside the country. These days, I work mostly on JSP-based web projects. My starting salary, three and a half years ago, was higher than the average presented in this graph. Obviously, I'm earning a lot more than that now. I always assumed I was earning more than average; it feels nice to have it confirmed by some data, even if from across the internets. Before I started out

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  • I played at Robinson's Galleria last Saturday. So much for my first constructed outing in 10 years... not a very good outcome for me. I played 4-color Firemane Control... no permission, but lots of life gain and 4 Wrath of Gods packed maindeck, a specifically anti-aggro build. I was anticipating lots of Gruul beats and Orzhov aggro decks, and I was ready to beat them to the ground. Unfortunately, I faced not a single one of those decks. :( Round 1 vs Wildfire/Vore I knew this was a loss as soon as he boomerang'ed a Temple Garden on the second

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  • Wtf? The apple website only lets me choose between Mac and Windows versions of the plugin?
  • I read this awesome article on driving in Taiwan , apparently written by an American living in Taiwan. Lots of pictures, and very descriptive. I suppose any foreigners coming to the Philippines would say that the situation in Metro Manila is pretty much the same as the one outlined in the article, but after I read it I can't help but feel that it's just a little bit worse over there. But then again, I don't actually drive here anyway -- I just take public transportation and doze off or something. I suppose the situation is better here because we

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  • So, I played at PTQ Kobe at Robinson's Galleria last Saturday. First things first: First thing I do when I get passed a Ravnica Block sealed deck is to check the decklist to see if I got passed a shockland. Incredibly, I was passed not just one, but two! That in itself paid for the registration fee, but I still wanted to get a decent finish in the PTQ. Unfortunately, aside from the Temple Garden and the Blood Crypt, I didn't get that many "wow" cards. Unable to resist what good cards I had, I actually played all five colors:

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