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2006 March

  • bookmarks for 2006-03-26

    Shared bookmarks for user roytang on 2006-03-26 Main Page -- Wikiquote β€” Tagged as: quotes * Zen is Boring! β€” Tagged as: articles psychology zen * FORTUNE: Secrets of greatness: How I work -- Mar. 16, 2006 β€” Tagged as: articles lifehacks * Be smarter at work, slack off -- Mar. 17, 2006 β€” Tagged as: articles lifehacks * How to make a custom TV-torrent feed Β· TorrentFreak, torrents and more β€” Tagged as: torrents tv * Getting My Bearings: The best of β€” Tagged as: delicious tagging
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  • Ballmer, Bemused --

    Ballmer, Bemused -- An interview with Steve Ballmer -- a lot of "Microsoft is cool" gibberish, but one nice quote stands out for me: Right now, I can go out and get a free alternative to just about every product Microsoft sells. Why do people keep paying you for something they could get free? Ballmer: One, people value their time. Our stuff does more, and they like that. Two, people value their time, and those [free] things tend to be clunky. Let's say you think you can save $50. And then you go and waste three hours. You

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  • Grand Prix Manila

    Maybe it's just me, but Wizard's coverage of Grand Prix Manila last weekend seems just a tad condescending to Filipino Magic players. Not that we mind, after all, local bets actually did kick ass and shrugged off the Japanese invasion. If you are in fact a Filipino Magic player, then I hope you know what I'm talking about -- last weekend at the Robinson's Galleria Trade Hall, almost four hundred local and foreign Magic: The Gathering players gathered for the third-ever Grand Prix event held in Manila. I was there, of course, since for some reason I enjoy this expensive

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  • Recent Reading 2006-03-12

    Books I've finished reading in the past few months: Rapid Development by Steve McConnell -- I was browsing through my company's small library of development books and found this little gem among the usual language-specific tomes. A bit old, but I know from Code Complete that Steve McConnell really hits in the mark with regard to software best practices. This book is aimed mainly at technical leads β€” coincidentally, that was my role at the time. I picked up a lot of good ideas, hopefully I can start to make some interesting changes in the place I work at. Pragmatic

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    Shared bookmarks for user roytang on 2006-03-09 Escapa! β€” "Click and hold the red square. Now, move it so that you neither touch the walls nor get hit by any of the blue blocks If you make it to 18 seconds, you are doing brilliantly!" Mindless! After a few tries I made it to 21 secs running on evasive instinct Tagged as: cool games javascript
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  • Adventures in Linux-land, part 3

    I think I'm starting to get the hang of this :p This whole thing with Kubuntu, where I have to use Adept to install stuff is really weirding out my Windows-geek tendencies. For today, all I wanted was to get some mp3s playing on Kubuntu. Unfortunately, the default included players (Kaffeine and Amarok) were giving me trouble, claiming they could not play mp3s! I asked around for some help, and read some FAQs, but I kept getting errors trying to download and install gstreamer-mad 0.8. After a while I gave up and started mucking around in Adept to find an

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    Shared bookmarks for user roytang on 2006-03-04 20 greatest cartoon characters β€” Tagged as: cartoons * Transformers: Evolution β€” Awesome alternate-universe Transformers series set during the early industrial age. Check out the initial sketches!Tagged as: comics transformers * YouTube -- Real Life Simpsons Intro β€” Tagged as: simpsons
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