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2006 February

  • Previously: I installed Kubuntu, but failed to get the internet working. But now, since we got a router to service our home network (whereas previously we were using a cross-cable directly connecting two computers), I decided to give it another shot. Apparently, if I have a router between my PC and the DSL line, I can use something called DHCP to automatically configure my ethernet connection. And I did that! Woohoo, and now I'm posting from Linux! Now, the question is, what next? I seem to be a total newbie at this Linux thing, I even downloaded Firefox but couldn't

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  • Wooo! I'm not sure how to begin; my brothers and I have been wrestling fans for almost twenty years now, and as far as I can remember this was the only time that the WWE ever came to the Philippines. The last time was a long time ago, and although I wanted to see it, there was no way I could convince my parents then that the largish amount of cash needed to go was worth it. This time, I was determined to go, and I bought tickets for my brother Alvin and our _pamangkin _Gelo (so I spent for

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  • Lest I be accused of avoiding the real world by writing about TV shows while events start to unfold which may or may not plunge our nation into chaos, I suppose I should put my two cents into the matter. For those who read this text in the future at a time when all these links are broken, the current President of the Phillipines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has declared a state of national emergency today, claiming that a broad alliance encompassing traditional oppostion groups and the far left and the far right are trying to bring her down. Ironically, she did

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  • I figure there are three reasons why people continue to watch Smallville: We want to see Clark become Superman (and Lex become... Lex) We want to see all the cool comic-book references and cameos We actually like all the drama and though we know otherwise, we harbor some sort of hope that maybe Clark and Lana will still get together anyhow As a comic geek, I guess I'm more inclined toward the first two. And I suspect a large majority of Smallville fans are as well. That being said, I also figure that there are four types of Smallville episodes:

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  • I am a Light Cycle. I drive fast, I turn fast, I do everything fast. I even breakfast. I tend to confuse people with my sudden changes of heart. Sometimes I even confuse myself, which tends to cause problems. What Video Game Character Are You?
  • ... or so he claimed. The conversation started off easily enough, he said the MMDA over at Megamall were staring him down for daring to wait for me to run up to his cab. For some reason, he soon digressed into how earlier that day he had witnessed a man snatch a cellphone from a young woman inside a jeepney. The young woman was of course dumbstruck as the perp made his escape. My host candidly told me that if only he'd had a passenger to watch his cab for him, he would have stepped out of his cab (he

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  • I am honored, I am now worthy of being comment-spammed. Made me sign up for a account so I could activate Akismet.
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  • I remembered that I haven't written an About page yet. This post will go there. The Blogger profile describes me as a "Programmer, engineer, scientist, critic, gamer, dreamer, and kid-at-heart." Let's break that down, shall we? Programmer : Since January of 2003 I've been working as a software developer for the RP office of a Hong Kong-based company. I'm no Computer Science graduate, but I did manage to fake it well enough to pass the JITSE certification exams. I code because I find that I'm fairly good at it. This is my day job, and I'm luckier than most, because

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  • Some people I know enjoy puzzles. (So do I.) Here's a neat one: 85 37 655321 64389000 466 64 24601 101 980 95 057 42799 6 The only hint provided is: It's not something you'll figure out by just thinking about it, but with some creative Googling you can get it. Via J-Walk (Warning: the link will show you the answer!) Edit 2017: The link above is dead, so I've recovered the answer from the Wayback Machine, for my own sanity. They're all prisoners! 1) 85 -- Al Capone 2) 37 -- Paul Newman's character in Cool Hand Luke 3)

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  • Open Up and Say Yumburger. Awesome, awesome blog post about some "Ugly Americans" and their um... "unique" experience dining at Jollibee. Highlights the world of difference between the American palette and the Filipino one. While they make a good point that Jollibee is the "crappy burger joint food" of the Philippines as compared to McDonald's which is the "crappy burger joint food" of the US, I don't think I've ever heard any Filipino reference Jollibee food in any such disparaging manner. Of course, I like Jollibee too, which is proof that I am a Filipino. :p I don't think

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  • Shared bookmarks for user roytang on 2006-02-15 Yahoo! UI Library — Tagged as: coding web * Online test based on Jung -- Myers-Briggs typology — Tagged as: myers-briggs psychology tools * Japanese Wallpaper Site — Tagged as: wallpapers * TTCS OSSWIN CD -- open source software for Windows — Tagged as: freeware software * Video of a Real Transformer — Tagged as: cool tech transformers
  • On our way down the mountain from Batangas, we stopped in a small, quaint town filled with old-fashioned simple folk. For some reason, I took the opportunity to vanish into the shadows and watch as the buses left me behind. I roamed around the small town, hoping to find some sort of means with which I could escape my mundane life and start over in a some other paradise. Twice people from the company came back, looking for someone, but apparently not me. I successfully dodged their attentions the first time by hiding inside a dinky comfort room that looked

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  • The response of the western world to the recent backlash against published cartoon depictions of mohammed could be described as the unavoidable result of two completely distinct cultures clashing against each other. On one hand, Islam dictates that any such depiction of the prophet Mohammed are considered as blasphemy; on the other hand, Western media views it as a free speech issue; since every other religion in the world tolerates media lampooning, why shouldn't Islam? Arguably, other faiths also have a certain threshold of tolerance for religious mockery beyond which they would mercilessly tear down whatever publication dared to print

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  • This was Scott Adams' first non-Dilbert book. If you're used to reading Adams go on about Induhviduals and stupid managers, or if you've never read Adams trying / pretending to sound philosophical in one of his books, then this isn't what you'd expect. Adams describes it as a "thought experiment" of sorts, one where he tries to provide some sort of explanation for basically life, the universe and everything. Although it's a work of fiction, it sounds like Adams is trying to see how people will react to his form of philosophy — it seems to be one of his

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  • Hopefully for the last time ^_^ blogger!
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  • In a few months people will forget anyway. Yesterday 74 people died in a tragic stampede. The reason? Crowding to get into the one-year anniversary show of a local noontime variety show. Wowowee. This is ridiculous, an obvious barometer showing how desperate many of our countrymen have become. The show was offering prizes in the form of raffle draws and contests, and many were hoping to win a house and lot or at least some cash to help them get by. Many of them were poor and coming from far-flung places even outside the metro. Shocking how these people look

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  • Yeah, so I was bored and went ahead and got a domain name. ^_^I'm wondering if I've wasted money, but webhosting is really cheap nowadays anyway. Thanks to the nice folks at for their quick service! Anyway, I hope you'll pardon me if some parts of the site aren't fully up-and-running (the about page is still the wordpress template for one), I haven't had much time to play around with wordpress yet. Farewell, Blogger. You have served me well, but it's time to try something new. Done so far: Imported posts and comments from Blogger Go through every single

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