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2005 February

  • Currently listening to "Boulevard of Broken Songs", a neat mashup mainly of Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and Oasis' "Wonderwall". This and some other mashups here. (haven't listened to the others though... ) Another interesting mashup that came out quite a while back was "This Is How You Remind Me Someday" , where Nickelback is caught basically reusing the same chords for two songs. Great stuff. Other songs/bands I've been listening to lately: Locally, Spongecola is hot. Their album has several good tracks (since I don't listen to radio, I'm not sure which of them are popular or not.)

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  • The last Zelda game I played (as in, to the end) was Link To The Past, and I think it was on David's old SNES. Or it may have been on ZSNES, I'm not entirely sure anymore. Before that was the first Zelda, which I actually finished on its original console! Seems that the years have been kind to the Zelda formula: Octoroks and Tektites on the world map, Bats, Skeletons and Wizrobes underground, Boomerangs and Arrows to throw about, Pieces of Heart to collect, Swords, Bottles, hidden passages, name it, it's all here. I miss Dodongo though. :p One

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  • sometimes i just feel so out of my world an ordinary guy in love with an extraordinary girl i don't always know the right words to say, i don't always know the right thing to do, there's just one thing i'm sure of, i only want to be with you i'll be here waiting, standing by you every day hoping your heart will take notice and send a smile my way
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  • Bomb blasts rock Davao, General Santos, Makati -- Makati City, three people were killed while at least 20 others were injured after an explosion rocked a bus plying EDSA as it passed underneath the Metro Rail Transit's Ayala Station, Metro Manila police chief Director Avelino Razon Jr. said. What a way to celebrate Valentine's day. And here I was just blogging about security issues. (Although looks like this incident wasn't actually in the MRT.) These are the sort of things they should be focusing on, not optical media piracy. On a personal note, these things happen at weird times

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  • Optical media and the MRT/LRT I'm pretty sure what is described in the above blog post (confiscation of unlabelled optical media from LRT/MRT commuters) is obviously stupid, though probably not illegal. The rail authorities can probably refuse entry to anyone for any reason they consider valid. It's probably legal, but I doubt it's enforceable though. Anyone who's ridden the MRT during rush hours knows what I'm talking about. Security inspections last roughly half a second for every three passengers; the security personnel will simply make a quick pass through your bags with their stick. Any containers inside the one inspected

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  • GearLive: Why Sony's PSP will suck I'm not actually particularly interested in the PSP, but this article is interesting and has quickly convinced me that the PSP will in fact, suck. As a handheld platform, I think it's pretty hard to beat the GBA. I'm already thinking of buying one, as it would give me access to all those great Nintendo franchises [0] in their pure 2D forms, without me having to buy a different console. Because honestly, consoles suck, I wouldn't want to maintain one. Not that I don't like my PS2, the games are great and all. But

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  • I tried to play two PS2 games today: Spiderman 2 and Naruto -- Narutimate Hero 2. I knew we had pirated copies of both. Spiderman 2 -- failed. The PS2 wouldn't even play the disc. Instead it made a wonderful churning noise that made me quickly hit the eject button. This is Sony's best form of copy protection: In my experience, our PS2 can only play somewhere between 30% -- 50% of all pirated discs out there. I don't know... it may just be our PS2 model. Sometimes if I particularly like a game, I will buy 2-3 pirated copies

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  • Ctrl Alt Del -- Tragically l337 Never actually read Ctrl-Alt-Del before, although I have heard of it. The webcomic is somewhat Penny-Arcade like, except with more continuity and only one of the two guys on the couch is insane. The comic linked to above is my favorite so far. =)
  • Picked it up as an impulse buy from National Bookstore a couple of weeks ago. Anyone who grew up in the 80s will appreciate Bob Ong's trip back to his elementary/high school/college days. His tales of school will ring true to anyone from around the same era; younger folk may not appreciate it so much. (My younger brother seems to have no idea what Spin-a-win is/was, although he is aware of SOS, Flames, etc.) The earlier parts of the book are mostly funny and/or amusing, detailing those silly little things that school kids tend to obsess with. The latter parts

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