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2005 July

  • Linux is shareware?

    Or so the paper says. The Philippine Daily Inquirer had an article today about Oracle targetting local SMEs. Apparently they have an advantage because they use "the Linux shareware." Too bad I can't find the article online.
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  • Gloriagate -- Now is not the time

    I remember the atmosphere at UP around the time of the infamous second evelope at Erap's trial. Even the normally apathetic Engineering students were being woken out of their political stupor by outrage at the turn of events by the Estrada-friendly senators. Everywhere you go in UP, people would be asking you if you were coming to the big rally on EDSA. Today? Today, the conversations are like this: "Mag-gimik dapat kami bukas sa Makati eh... " "May rally daw bukas ah?" "Oo nga, bad trip nga eh" That's the biggest problem facing the power-hungry vultures looking for a quick

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  • Hipster PDA?

    Should I get a Hipster PDA? I'm thinking about it. Or something similar. Not really for organizing tasks and stuff. Only for jotting down temporary things when away from a computer. So I can remember them later. I often think up incredibly clever world-shaking ideas while commuting, it would be nice to remember all of them. I still largely prefer the advantages of electronic storage: cut/paste functionality, easy to make backups/copies, distribution, easily searchable etc. I'd really only use paper for temporary stuff. Or when I need to use a pen to think. A notepad would be nice. You know,

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  • Movies: Fantastic Four

    One word: Suxxor. Well, not really. It's okay I guess. When I first heard they were making a Fantastic Four movie, my first reaction was, "Uh... that can't be good." The plot is barely servicable... the thing that really made me think "suxxor" was how Victor von Doom's role was handled. I mean, in the comics, Doom was a monarch, ruler of Latveria. He wasn't a madman bent on revenge. He was a madman bent on world domination! In the comics, Dr. Doom is like a machiavellian villain, craving for power, but never exposing himself directly to harm. He'd always

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  • Gloriagate -- Notes on the PCIJ Transcript

    I was going to ahead and break my blog silence on the whole Gloriagate thing, but I realized I should read the whole transcript at PCIJ first, boring as it is. That way, I can at least say I'm basing my opinions on known facts unlike roughly 90% of the rest of the participants in this debacle. I went through it in about thirty minutes, skimming most and picking out only the parts that seemed most interesting, and skipping anything that was too vague or that I didn't strictly understand the mechanics of. The primary question about this transcript is

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