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2005 December

  • Sid Meier's Civilization -- one of the most highly-acclaimed strategy game series in existence. Any serious gamer worth his salt knows about it -- whether he plays turn-based strategy games or not. And the fourth installment was eagerly awaited in our home -- two out of four brothers were eager to play the latest update. And Civ4 is in many ways the same game all over again. The basic premise is still there -- explore, build cities, research technologies, kick other civivlizations while they're down, race to space, etc. But several other new features have kicked in, many of them

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  • As I watched my brother playing the latest incarnation of EA's FIFA game, I can't help but consider that there must be a staff of developers over at EA dedicated solely to the task of churning away to release updates to EA's flagship lines of sports games year after year. I wonder how fulfilling that kind of job actually is...
  • Not that it's a bad game mind you. From the ten or so hours I've played it's definitely a lot better than the previous game in the series. And the voice acting is really great this time, with a bunch of British people doing the over-the-top voices. The battle system is still a bit simplistic, and the main quest seems very straightforward. From what I've seen, it's probably an above average game. That's the problem. I don't have time for above average games. It was okay when I was still in school and had tons of free time, I could

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  • I'm no music critic; often I can't even carry my own tune. But I do know what I like, and I know I like the Eraserheads' music. If you don't know who the ‘heads are, they're basically the Beatles of the Philippines, galvanizing the local music industry and serving as an example and inspiration to numerous other bands that followed after them. It's only fitting then that many of the current crop of Filipino performers pay tribute to them in the form of Ultraelectromagnetic Jam. This fantastic album features several artists performing their own versions of some of the Eraserheads

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  • I had three teeth taken out today, all of them deep in the bottom-left part of mouth. One of them was apparently a wisdom tooth that had lodged itself in a peculiar angle. That one required surgery (and was not covered by my health card). When you're there, even when your mouth is numb, even if you're not really scared or anything, once you start to feel that pressure on your jaw, you can't help but be at least a little bit anxious. It's not so much whatever pain gets through the anesthesia that's annoying. It's the fact that you're

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  • So, my brother needed to present 20 java programs for school. He didn't have to make them himself, he said. Just to print them out and submit them. (What kind of ridiculous compsci teacher asks for hardcopies of source instead of softcopies?) Anyway, I said, sure. I'll make some, it'll be easy. After all, trivial programs shouldn't take me more than 5 minutes each right? It was true, each one didn't take long. But I spent quite some time thinking about what I would actually code. The usual suspects are there -- Hello World, prime factors, factorial, simple arithmetic, palindromes.

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  • Cassandra Cain was raised as an assassin. Growing up, her father never taught her to read or write, only to fight. She grew up knowing only one language -- body language. Her mind processes human motions as fluently as ordinary people speak their native tongue. She can see moves before they happen or read a person's intentions simply by following their movement patterns. She was an experiment to create the ultimate human fighting machine. At the age of eight, she made her first kill. Then she ran away. She wound up in Gotham, under the tutelage of the Dark Knight.

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2005 November

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  • Sometimes I can't help but look back on the story so far and wonder where the hell I'm going. I'm in a pretty good place right now I guess, compared to a majority of people in this country. I've got a good job with a more than decent salary that lets me consume the mythical three-square-meals-a-day and pile on a bit of luxury on top of that.But sometimes you stop and think to yourself, is this all there is to life? Slaving away as some company's employee, getting promotions and raises, then retiring to watch your kids grow up? Don't

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  • Temporarily shifted to one after someone reported some javascript redirecting to a porn site. Doesn't happen on my machine though. Sheesh, now I have to debug a non-replicable bug on my blog. And I didn't even get any porn :pUpdate: Moved now to
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  • girl from work (10:19:57 AM): may blog ka ba roy?zroytang (10:20:18 AM): haha bakit mo natanong?girl from work (10:21:04 AM): nagbabasa kasi ako ngayon blogs ng high school friends ko egirl from work (10:21:11 AM): e ikli lang :Dzroytang (10:21:28 AM): I have one with entries dating back to 2002 :pgirl from work (10:21:49 AM): tlga... updated?zroytang (10:22:01 AM): minsangirl from work (10:22:24 AM): may icky luv stuff dun? >:)zroytang (10:23:15 AM): haha maybe, maybe notgirl from work (10:24:46 AM): haha :))zroytang (10:26:30 AM): sometimes you write something and later, you think, "maybe I shouldn't have written that"; you look

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  • At least, that's what I was thinking when I was listening to today's Gospel regarding the parable of the talents.Bsically, I think the gist of it is: God gives us talents, we should do the best we can; if we don't, how can we complain when others do better?Yeah, I pay attention in Church. Go me!
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  • Apparently, I am worth $1,758,066 on HumanForSale.comAlso, I don't why but My blog is worth $1,693.62.How much is your blog worth?I wish someone would send me that cash, I could use it.
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  • I was introduced to nano a few years back when some fanfiction writers I knew online told me about it. I've attempted it every year, and failed each time. I just don't have the drive.I figured I wouldn't start this year. After all, here I am, it's the ninth of November, and I don't have anything, prepared or otherwise, why fight a losing battle right?If you think I don't fight losing battles, you don't know me very well. Who knows, I may catch up and might actually make it this time.And I'll write in public too. I have no title,

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  • For it's 10-year anniversary, GameFAQs has released the top 100 games as chosen by its' users during their anniversary contest.To give you an idea of the general composition of the GameFAQs populace, 15 of the top 100 are Squaresoft games (including every single US-released main-series Final Fantasy), 17 are Nintendo games (5 Zelda, 7 Mario, 3 Metroid plus a couple more). Only 11 are PC games, 4 of which are from Blizzard.And poor Megaman didn't make it into the list. Good old Street Fighter II actually did better, coming in at 47.
  • Filipinos traditionally take the weekend of All Saints/All Souls Day off, to rest and to visit their dearly departed. Westerners, particularly Americans, treat this time, specifically All Hallow's Eve, as a children's holiday. Given GMA's penchant for holiday economics, it was evident we would get at least Monday and Tuesday off, and they were indeed declared as holidays, so Filipinos got a respite shortly before the much-dreaded EVAT implementation.Not me, though. I had to work. Funny how the demo projects always manage to get me during times of extended holidays. I haven't yet had the benefit of a weekend -

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2005 October

  • I have to work today :( And probably tomorrow and the day after as well, although both are local holidays. On what may very well become one of the company's biggest projects I might add, if we get the contract. On an unrelated note, these filler Naruto episodes are just silly. It doesn't make sense that Raiga, one of the Seven Shinobi Swordsmen, can be defeated by Naruto and Lee (no matter how drunk Lee is); Raiga is supposedly on par with his former comrade Kisame, who was easily able to take on two of Konoha's jounins. There should be

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  • Voting for the Walk of Game is up. My votes were: Starcraft, Civilization, Final Fantasy and Street Fighter II. Also Sid Meier and the Pac-man guy. Edit: After some thought, it's kind of silly to have a poll where you could vote everyday. There's no chance for Pac-man to beat Final Fantasy here, as FF has an army of fanboys willing to vote everyday, and Pac-man... well, a lot of his fans might vote once buy many won't even realize or care that they can vote again.