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2004 August

  • For some reason, I keep looking for things to do online. (I guess I really want to distract myself... I really should be studying for the JITSE though.)
  • I've known about for a while, but only recently decided to give it a try. (Mostly because I got bored while waiting for my Kingdom of Loathing turns to regenerate.)
  • "Life-changing events"... one would think I'm about to speak of something like a natural disaster, getting married or quitting my job, something that would create a profound change in my life. No, I'm going to talk about something a bit less dramatic, but it has had a profound effect on me nonetheless. I don't talk about these things that often, but hey, what use is a blog if you can't use it as an outlet, right? I'm in love. Yup, I am. Whereas I previously considered myself as someone strong enough to be emotionally independent from other people, I find

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  • It's been a while, I got a lot to say, some personal things, some random stuff from the internet. Let's start with the easy stuff, random linkage: First up, the Kingdom of Loathing, it's an online Stickman RPG! It's MMO (well, not really massive), it's wacky, and you can be a pastamancer! It currently amuses me... and I hate waiting to get more turns! My account there is "hungry roy" It's Quentin Tarantino's diary! Or is it? You be the judge! I was bored, and wanted something to happen with this blog, so I decided to submit it to Rice

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  • Spent some cash this weekend. First thing was a 256 Mb Kingston flash drive. Nothing too complicated, just something to transfer MP3s to and from work with. =) Next up was a digital camera. A Kodak CX6330 to be exact. We had been planning to buy one for a while. Pics? Not now. Funny story though. There was this promo where we could get a P5000 discount (less than US$100) if we could show a receipt for P200 worth of Pampers (a local brand of baby diapers)... so I had to explain to people why in the world I was

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