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2004 January

  • I hate KOTOR. Not because it's a bad game, in fact it's the exact opposite. It's a fantastic game. With the unfortunate side effect that everything else gets pushed back so I cam play some more. This was actually the first time I'd done some serious 'net surfing since I borrowed David's KOTOR copy. Here's my take on it in a post to RPG-Skies: This game is fantastic! I borrowed my friend's copy after he finished it, so I only started it last week, but it's already eaten up a lot of my (non-work) time. Starships, lightsabers, force powers, droids,

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  • Seeing as how Cheese (the machine I bought in March) broke down for the umpteenth time, I finally decided to buy a second computer, and went out and bought a new machine (code-name: Barbecue) the day before Christmas. Spent less than I had expected, but the machine is pretty decent, except my video card is a measly 64Mb GeForce2. I'll probably post the specs later. Finished Final Fantasy X-2, at 67% story completion (Yeah I suck...) Maybe I'll post a review of it later. I wasted most of my vacation on NWN: Hordes of the Underdark. Not really wasted, as

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  • Roy's 2003 Year in Review Best Thing About 2003: I got a job. It feels really good to actually have a decent amount of money coming in at a regular basis. :) Actually, I believe all good things in 2003 have stemmed from my having a job...more cash, new computer, better food, got to meet some nice people, able to buy more stuff, learned new skills, etc... Worst Thing About 2003: I got a job. Gah...I want more free time. Not that I do anything important in my free time really, but it's nice to be able to goof off.

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