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Last updated: 16 March 2002
Roytang's Domain
Personal site. Anything I've done myself -- fanarts, fanfics, projects, et cetera, ca be found here.

A Half-Assed Attempt At An RK Fansite
Yeah, that's what it's named now. RK = Rurouni Kenshin. You have been warned.

Alvin's Stuff

Just some stuff stored at Tripod.

Roy's ROMs
I'd rather not host ROMs at the same place where I have personal stuff, so they're all over here. Anime SNES ROMs and NES ROMs

Brian's Stuff

If you're looking for me, this page is the first place to look. Also, the personal site can always be reached through Unless otherwise specified, all content on these websites are (C) Stephen Roy J. Tang.


Yahoo! Rants

Mar 12 2002

I decided to update this place mainly because Yahoo was going to do something mean and evil! They're taking away the FTP Access for Geocities, so it's gonna be harder to upload stuff here. =P

If you're any sort of Yahoo user, you'll notice they've really been putting the squeeze on their customers to get people to sign up for paid services. WHen my Yahoo mailbox was filled by some irresponsible people yesterday, I got a message telling me that for a small fee, I could get a bigger mailbox! And checking ML messages through Y!Groups is such a pain now since every 3rd message or so they force you to look at an ad before showing you the message. Speaking of Y!Groups, they were down for maintenance the other week, which probably annoyed a heckuvalota people, and they'll be down again this weekend, supposedly relocating their servers. Hopefully it means we'll actually get better service and no more lagged e-mails! Oh, and Y!Clubs has merged with Y!Groups now. Yahoo! is obviously feeling the pressure since they seem to be streamlining all their services to make it easier to divert ads and convince people to fork over their cash. Not that I blame them, they're probably trying hard to make both ends meet. I'd help them, but I have no cash. =P