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2016 February

It's hard to guess who I was trying to draw lol #sketchdaily IDK how to make her look more like the real deal =/
Bill Adama #bsg #sketchdaily
I wanted to doodle the battle scene from the end of the Xmen 96 opening theme, but realized partway thru I wouldnt have room for the bad guys. Kind of a lazy #sketchdaily
Just doodles today #sketchdaily #dawnofjustice
Spider-Gwen #sketchdaily my proportions seem a bit off here
Laura Matsuda from Street Fighter V. #sketchdaily I always find drawing women, especially their faces, harder than men, but the face here came out a bit better than I hoped (still a lot of room for improvement though)
Rise Up! #sfv #sketchdaily
Mario, as drawn by myself and a six year old #sketchdaily
I read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire today (2016 book #6). #sketchdaily I didnt have a reference image for this one so they look weird. Also, robes are tough
Geese Howard staring at a green pretzel #sketchdaily

2011 May

Something I drew during a meeting (don't ask me to explain what it is). Colored by Raquel Dee. It kinda feels like something an elementary school kid would draw and show to his parents :p